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Lustworth Academy APK

Lustworth Academy

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  • Introduction

Introducing "Lustworth Academy" - a thrilling app that puts you in control of a young outcast's last shot at redemption. Join him in a seaside town filled with secrets and navigate through a world of chaos. Stand up to bullies, play pranks, and win the hearts of the hottest teachers in town. With fun minigames and exciting quests, this is your chance to graduate and build a new life. Will you survive the obstacles and avoid military school or jail? Download now and embark on an adventure filled with sex, bad jokes, and wacky stories.

Features of Lustworth Academy:

- Graphic adventure: This app offers a thrilling graphic adventure experience, immersing users in a captivating storyline filled with secrets and chaos.

- Unique protagonist: Play as a young outcast who has one last chance to turn his life around. Users can relate to the protagonist's struggle and root for his success.

- Diverse characters: Interact with a variety of characters in the seaside town, some of whom will become allies while others pose as obstacles. The dynamic relationships add depth to the gameplay.

- Fun minigames and quests: Engage in a range of entertaining minigames and complete quests on the journey towards graduation. This variety keeps the gameplay engaging and enjoyable.

- Hot teachers: Attend classes taught by attractive teachers, adding an element of excitement and intrigue to the game. Users can try to win their favor and explore different relationships.

- Support development and receive rewards: Users have the opportunity to support the development of the app and receive special rewards, enhancing their gaming experience and showing appreciation for the creators.


Immerse yourself in this thrilling Lustworth Academy app, where you play as a young outcast with one last chance to graduate and build a new life. Navigate a seaside town filled with secrets and chaos, interact with diverse characters, and complete fun minigames and quests. Attend classes taught by attractive teachers and try to win their favor. Support the development of the game and receive special rewards. Download now to embark on an exciting journey of survival, growth, and adventure.


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