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  • Introduction

QuizzLand is an exciting trivia game that will challenge your knowledge in a fun and interactive way. With three different difficulty levels, you can choose the one that suits you best and put your skills to the test. From science to art and everything in between, the game covers a wide range of topics, making sure there's something for everyone. The innovative feature of providing a small explanation of the correct answer after every question allows you to not only enjoy the game but also learn interesting facts along the way. With the ability to compete with friends and family, QuizzLand is the ultimate game for both entertainment and education.

Features of QuizzLand:

> Multiple Difficulty Levels: The game offers three different difficulty levels - easy, medium, and hard, allowing players to choose the level that suits their knowledge and skills.

> Wide Range of Categories: This trivia game covers various fields such as science, technology, history, art, film, and TV, among others. The categories are easily recognizable by the icons representing them.

> Engaging Gameplay: Each question in this game consists of four options, with only one correct answer. Players can test their knowledge and accuracy while having fun.

> Educational Content: One of the best features of QuizzLand is the small explanation provided after answering each question correctly. This feature enables players to learn interesting facts about science, history, and Hollywood.

> Progress Track and Rewards: As players answer questions correctly and progress in the game, they earn a good score. This score allows them to unlock numerous levels and obtain extra resources, enhancing the gaming experience.

> Social Interaction: The game does not only provide an individual gaming experience but also allows players to enjoy the game with friends or family. It creates an opportunity for shared learning and friendly competition.


QuizzLand is an impressive trivia game that offers multiple difficulty levels and a wide range of categories, including science, technology, history, art, film, and TV. The game not only entertains but also educates players through small explanations of the correct answers. With its progress tracking system, rewarding gameplay, and the option for social interaction, this game proves to be a fantastic choice for those who enjoy learning while having fun. Click now to download this brilliant app and test your knowledge!


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  • This is a rather Easy, multiple choice quiz game. The player can choose the category. I've been mostly acing the questions. I've only been playing about an hour, and I'm already in 5th place. However, I'm sure that when I quit for the day, upon returning tomorrow, I'll be at the bottom. STILL, IT'S AN ENJOYABLE LITTLE GAME!
    2024-05-31 01:12:40
  • Great game but the ads ruined it for me. Constant interruptions during a level for ads, and when closing an ad takes me all the way out to the game store I'm done.
    2024-05-29 02:17:33
  • I really like this game. I didn't know I knew so much. It's amazing what one retains just from watching TV and listening to the radio and friends' reviews of movies and shows. I don't like the mini games because they feel like a waste of time. This is a great memory tester.
    2024-05-28 17:37:18
  • I really enjoy the game! Questions are challenging but not too hard. Moves long quickly and I have had no problems with the app. Thank you for all the hard work in admin.! I definitely recommend the game to anyone who likes trivia!! SR
    2024-05-28 06:38:59
  • I'm a trivia buff and decided to give this game a try. You can set the difficulty between 3 settings Easy, normal or hard. I just set mine to hard since the normal question were a little to easy for me. I'm addicted and highly recommend.
    2024-05-28 04:56:21
  • Why does this game install in Serbian? It should give me the option to choose ENGLISH. Uninstalled. I searched through the app, and there is apparently no way to change the language. I DON'T SPEAK SERBIAN. Edit: thank you developers, changed my review to 4 stars, and I will actually play it now and if I like it I will update to 5 stars.
    2024-05-27 22:03:59