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Too Many Cooks is a delightful app that puts you in charge of a bustling restaurant kitchen, where your goal is to whip up a plethora of dishes in record time. With its charming visuals and intuitive gameplay, this Playstack title is a perfect fit for your smartphone. Each mission presents you with a set of dishes that need to be prepared using a specific list of ingredients, all while catering to the whims of your hungry customers. From filleting salmon to serving up plates and sides, every step is guided by simple instructions that make it easy to learn. With three levels of difficulty, the challenge escalates as you progress, providing an exhilarating and addictive experience. Whether you play solo or engage in multiplayer mode with friends from around the world, Too Many Cooks is a must-have app for food enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

Features of Too Many Cooks:

> Casual restaurant game: Take control of a restaurant and race against the clock to serve as many hot dishes as possible.

> Visual charm: The app offers its own unique visual style that is appealing and lovable.

> Whip up dishes: Cook a variety of dishes with specific ingredient lists to cater to your customers' every whim.

> Simple instructions: Each dish comes with easy-to-follow instructions, making it simple to learn and cook.

> Intuitive controls: Tap, select, drag, and drop items on your screen to cook and serve, requiring only simple screen interactions.

> Three levels of difficulty: Start with easy levels and progress to more challenging ones, providing a satisfying gameplay experience.


Too Many Cooks is a fun and addictive restaurant game that offers a visually charming experience. With its simple instructions and intuitive controls, it is easy to learn and play. The app also provides three levels of difficulty, ensuring a challenging gameplay experience for all players. Whether playing solo or with friends in multiplayer mode, users can enjoy the game and connect with players from around the world. Click now to download Too Many Cooks and start serving up delicious dishes in a thrilling race against time!


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  • Hi, it wrote that I'll get the oven skill once I get 9 stars in BBQ level. However,I didn't receive anything after my friends and I finished the challenge and got 9 stars for it. I think there's a big there. I'll change the review if you guys fix it.
    2024-05-31 08:38:47
  • I cannot receive the gems in the game which is vital to unlocking recipes and upgrading tools - when I collect gems from tasks the gem count does not go up, or it will go up but return to zero once I go back go the homepage. It's a great game with many bugs.
    2024-05-30 12:12:04
  • The game is great. Nice graphic. A little bit lack and can't play in party mode. It shows wrong region even we set at the same region. That would be awesome if I can play with friend. For the bright side, I don't have to be addicted to this game
    2024-05-29 21:41:03
  • Its a great game! But like the other reviews sometimes the game get stuck in the middle of loading and after that the load page wont even loadanymore. And also another problem is that I cant seem to play with my friends who are using ios(?). I dont know if its supposed to be like that but we cant play with each other because it keeps saying that we need to be in the same region eventho we ARE in the same region. All of us had our regions set as "Asia". Thats all for my review thank you dev team!
    2024-05-29 05:09:04
  • Fix the issue with the pizza and burger levels! I bought the burger level, but when I comeback it's as if I never bought it. Additionally, the ranking system is really weird. It'll say I beat 92% of chefs, but for my friends it'll say a different number. Fun game overall.
    2024-05-28 11:34:57
  • Hi developers, after every updates, there will be another glitch. This time the game shows that we haven't collect our achievements even tho we did. It keeps appearing everywhere. Thank you for your hardwork.
    2024-05-28 10:27:34