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Prison Transport Simulator

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  • Introduction

Experience the thrill of being a prisoner transporter in the action-packed Prison Transport Simulator - Criminal Police Game. As the driver, your mission is to safely transport dangerous criminals from one jail to another amidst constant attacks from enemies trying to free them. Each level poses new challenges, making it increasingly difficult for you to accomplish your task. With police vehicles accompanying you for security, navigate through obstacles and fend off attackers to ensure the safety of both yourself and the prisoners. This game is perfect for adventure enthusiasts and fans of police, transport, and criminal games. Download for free now and embark on an adrenaline-pumping journey!

Features of Prison Transport Simulator:

* Prisoner Transport: Play as a prisoner transporter and experience the thrill of transporting criminal prisoners from one place to another.

* High Security: Ensure the safety of the criminal prisoners by transporting them in cop cars with maximum security.

* Enemy Attacks: Face challenging attacks on the prisoner bus from enemies trying to free the criminal prisoners.

* Adventurous Journey: Enjoy an exciting and adventurous journey while transporting criminals, facing enemies attacks, and overcoming hurdles.

* Police Vehicles: Use police vehicles to protect the prisoner transport driver and ensure a secure transportation process.

* Challenging Levels: Each level presents a more difficult and thrilling task of transporting high-profile criminals to a safe destination.


Transport criminals with high security, face enemy attacks, and overcome obstacles along the way. With its thrilling gameplay and challenging levels, Prison Transport Simulator app is a must-have for adventure lovers and fans of police and transport games. Download now for FREE and embark on an exciting journey in the world of criminal transportation.


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  • I like it a lot. I stayed up all night playing
    2024-05-25 20:33:07