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Introducing Brick Builder, the ultimate path-building game that will test your skills and keep you entertained for hours! In this thrilling game, you must build bridges to survive and collect bricks along the way to avoid falling. But watch out for those pesky obstacles that stand in your way! With its addictive gameplay and satisfying level-end challenge, Brick Builder is the perfect game to relax and have fun with. Put your building skills to the test and become a master builder in this exciting runner game. Download Brick Builder now and see if you can reach the finish line!

Features of Brick Builder:

❤️ Build bridges: The app allows you to build bridges to survive and progress in the game.

❤️ Collect bricks: You need to collect bricks in order to avoid falling and complete the levels successfully.

❤️ Dodge obstacles: There are obstacles that you need to dodge in order to reach the finish line.

❤️ Satisfying level-end challenge: The game provides a challenging and satisfying level-end challenge that adds to the fun and relaxation.

❤️ Multiple levels: The app offers multiple levels for you to pass through and enjoy.

❤️ 3D graphics: The game features 3D graphics that enhance the visual experience.


If you're looking for a fun and relaxing runner game with a twist, Brick Builder Game is the perfect choice for you. With its unique feature of building bridges, collecting bricks, and dodging obstacles, this game offers a thrilling and engaging gameplay experience. The satisfying level-end challenge and multiple levels provide hours of entertainment. Download Brick Builder Game now and enjoy the immersive 3D graphics while you create your path to success!


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  • Pathetic game alot of ads also it shows tissue roller which is 10 out of 40 levels and each ads are 27 to 30s long even though you opt for no rewards really waste of time
    2024-05-31 00:41:06
  • This is not what it showed in the ad I saw for this app and it is not what it showed in the thumbnail
    2024-05-29 05:15:25
  • Nice game . But you might be using the real toilet paper more because it come very really . Although a good work . Keep it up!
    2024-05-29 00:23:52
  • Soooo many ads, half the time it didn't let you X out of them so you have to close down the app and start over and it's also super glitchy which makes the guy die all the time
    2024-05-28 11:22:24
  • Wonderful game but its levels are that of easy that a 1st class student can play this . I request you to make the levels difficult
    2024-05-27 14:42:30
  • Okay so this game is very good but words like the toilet paper one in the ad yeah I only did that once I was carrying bricks and I was like what this does not go with the ad that I made delete it but maybe not I don't know
    2024-05-27 14:04:23