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Jobmania - Eternal Dungeon

Rating: 4.4

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Package ID:com.aubjective.jobmania.udp


  • Introduction

Experience the thrill of Jobmania, a captivating rogue-like dungeon crawler that stands out with its exceptional card-based combat system. Offering dynamic battles and infinite replay value, this game lets you craft unique playstyles as you delve into dungeons. Prior to your adventure, select a Hero with distinct traits and abilities. Embracing randomness, the game ensures each playthrough is filled with entertaining surprises. Engage in turn-based card battles featuring powerful effects and unpredictable elements. Choose from a wide range of occupations and classes to assemble a deck of formidable heroes with diverse abilities. With special challenges, skill crafting, and boundless customization, Jobmania promises endless excitement for dungeon-crawling enthusiasts.

Features of Jobmania - Eternal Dungeon:

* Unique rogue-like dungeon crawler: This app offers a distinct and engaging gameplay experience, differentiating itself from other games in the market.

* Card-based battle system: Users can enjoy strategic turn-based battles using a variety of cards, creating exciting and unpredictable gameplay moments.

* Choose from heroes with different traits and abilities: Players can select their own hero, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, allowing for varied and personalized playthroughs.

* Extensive options in occupations and classes: Users can build a powerful deck of heroes with diverse abilities, collecting new perks and cards as they progress through the game.

* High replayability: With randomly generated elements and constantly changing combinations of cards and heroes, each playthrough offers a fresh and exciting experience.

* Special challenges and crafting system: In addition to the main dungeons, users can explore special challenge modes and create new jobs and skills for their heroes, enhancing their gameplay and unlocking new potentials.


Jobmania is a must-have app for anyone looking for a unique and thrilling gaming experience. With its distinctive rogue-like dungeon crawling gameplay, engaging card-based battles, and extensive customization options, this app offers high replayability and endless entertainment. Choose from a variety of heroes, explore randomly generated dungeons, and unleash your strategic skills to conquer challenging monsters and obstacles. Don't miss out on the opportunity to craft your own unique jobs and test your combat prowess in special challenges. Download Jobmania now and embark on an epic adventure filled with excitement and laughter.


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