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MiniCraft: Blocky Craft 2022

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Package ID:com.moon.craft.buildingcraft


  • Introduction

MiniCraft: Blocky Craft 2022 is the ultimate app for those who love unleashing their creativity and exploring new worlds. Inspired by the popular Minecraft game, this app offers a pixel graphics experience that guarantees hours of entertainment. With endless resources at your disposal, you can design and build anything your heart desires. Choose from a variety of materials like wood, stone, and metal, or draw inspiration from the vast collection of sample models provided. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced builder, this app has something for everyone. Create your own world, fill it with buildings and creatures, and let your imagination run wild. With stunning graphics and various game modes to choose from, MiniCraft: Blocky Craft 2022 promises to be an immersive and visually captivating experience.

Features of MiniCraft: Blocky Craft 2022:

❤️ Abundant resources: MiniCraft: Blocky Craft 2022 provides players with endless resources to freely design and build various buildings.

❤️ Sample models: The app offers a vast collection of sample models to inspire players and provide ideas for their projects.

❤️ Easy building: Players can easily select and place templates anywhere they want on the map, with the option to complete the construction immediately or customize it based on the existing framework.

❤️ Create your own world: With a large map, users can build multiple buildings and even create a kingdom with houses for inhabitants.

❤️ Wildlife presence: Animals such as giraffes, deer, chickens, and birds can be found throughout the map, adding to the immersive experience.

❤️ Simulation-style graphics: The game's simulation style allows players to visualize and immerse themselves in the game world, with highly detailed and visually appealing graphics.


MiniCraft: Blocky Craft 2022 is the ideal app for those who love building and exploring their own virtual world. With abundant resources, sample models, and easy building features, players can freely express their creativity and create unique buildings and kingdoms. The presence of wildlife and the immersive simulation-style graphics enhance the overall visual experience. Choose from different game modes and challenge yourself to overcome creative limits. Download the app now and embark on an adventure of limitless building possibilities.


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  • this game is amazing. the graphics are better than the other block craft I've played.
    2024-05-29 23:56:32
  • This game can be improved. This game is quite laggy. Everytime I play this game it has lagging issues. And also if i dig the ground and come back tomorrow it is not there. Please solve the lagging issue and make it that the hole is there forever in the same place. If you do this in the next update i will surely rate you five stars.
    2024-05-29 17:05:08
  • Great game, but I want a way to disable craft.io and hell mode because my kid plays it, and I really don't want it on there. Shame, because I will definitely reinstall and recommend if I can turn them off.
    2024-05-29 02:52:14
  • So I love it but I have some complaints I really don't like how I can't trap a animal so I was playing and I noticed how you can buy an animal and I bought a bunny and I trapped it then after 20 minutes or so it despawnd
    2024-05-28 22:52:31
  • I liked this game and want to give it 5 stars but I can't give because when I am playing this game adds will be more in it so
    2024-05-28 14:05:45
  • I like how you get a dragon egg but my game keeps on crashing and I can't play at all that's why I give it a one star.
    2024-05-27 15:34:08