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Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS

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  • Introduction

Gear up for intense combat in the exhilarating world of Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS! This adrenaline-pumping First Person Shooter game puts your tactical skills and quick reflexes to the test as you navigate through three challenging levels filled with unpredictable traps and enemies. Whether you prefer to team up with friends online or take on the thrilling single-player mode offline, it offers a customizable loadout system with a wide range of guns and classes to choose from. With features like leaning, rappelling, and a variety of gadgets including breach charges, flashbangs, and riot shields, you'll always be one step ahead as you outsmart your opponents. Immerse yourself in the next level of FPS action with Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS and dominate the battlefield like never before. Stay updated with the game's development by joining our bustling Discord community, or follow us on YouTube for exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Get ready to breach and conquer!

Features of Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS:

❤️ Tactical Gameplay: It offers a unique and thrilling gameplay experience where players must strategically use gadgets and tactics to successfully complete objectives.

❤️ Co-op and Single-player Modes: Enjoy the game with friends online or play offline in single-player mode, providing flexibility and options for all types of players.

❤️ Challenging Levels: The app includes three levels filled with randomized traps and enemies, ensuring that each playthrough is different and exciting.

❤️ Intense Close Combat Action: Experience high-action shooting in close combat situations, immersing yourself in heart-pounding battles.

❤️ Customizable Loadout: Equip yourself with a variety of guns and choose from different classes, giving you the freedom to tailor your gameplay style to your preferences.

❤️ Innovative Features: Discover game mechanics like leaning, rappelling, and an extensive range of gadgets, such as breach charges, flashbangs, and riot shields, providing endless possibilities for strategizing.


"Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS" is an exhilarating FPS game that combines tactical gameplay with intense close combat action. With challenging levels, a wide range of customizable loadouts, and innovative features like leaning and rappelling, this game offers an immersive and dynamic gaming experience. Whether you prefer tackling objectives with friends online or engaging in thrilling offline single-player gameplay, Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS has something for every player. Join the discord server and follow the development of the game on Youtube to stay updated and be part of this exciting gaming community. Click to download now and start your mission!


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  • It is really good I just wish you could customize your character and your weapon and I wish the other two guys that they also got sent in not just one but other than that I really like it and add some more weapons please when this gets updated I really like the game
    2024-05-30 03:35:22
  • it's very fun game but it needs to be when you finish the first map you can unlock the second map
    2024-05-30 03:31:42
  • Nice game but you should add level editor or like new maps airport, rooftops,bank by the way nice games keep it up
    2024-05-29 17:41:34
  • Please add sit and jump also include blood when hit,,and then add atleast 2 companion for campaign mode...
    2024-05-29 08:48:54
  • The game is honestly amazing, the graphics are really good compared to the other games. Gameplay is fun and enemies are challenging but never frustrating to beat. I hope you add more levels tho, because there are only 4 levels. Maybe a one on a ship or submarine or a very big one like a town filled with enemies. Overall a good and challenging game.
    2024-05-28 22:55:16
  • Keep up the good work and pls add the old maps from the other games , the detection mark and cameras so it is possible to stealth and the mini mission with the , with the difficulty level based off how many enemies they will be pllssssssssssss
    2024-05-27 19:46:50