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Treasure Hunt Adventure Puzzle

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  • Introduction

Embark on an epic and thrilling adventure with the Treasure Hunt Adventure Puzzle game! Inspired by Microsoft's popular minesweeper Treasure hunt adventure mode, this mobile app brings the exhilarating experience right to your fingertips. Use your logic and strategic thinking skills to navigate through a mysterious grid filled with hidden traps and treasures. Collect as much wealth as you can while avoiding dangerous pitfalls that may lay ahead. To ensure your survival, make sure to stock up on extra shields and equip yourself with powerful weapons and handy tools using the treasure you've amassed. Will you be able to conquer this treacherous journey and reach the exit unscathed? Test your skills and find out just how far you can go in this thrilling quest for adventure and fortune!

Features of Treasure Hunt Adventure Puzzle:

⭐️ It is a mobile game inspired by Microsoft's minesweeper Treasure hunt adventure mode.

⭐️ It combines the logic puzzle of minesweeper with a bit of randomness, ensuring an exciting and unpredictable gameplay.

⭐️ The objective of the game is to collect as much treasure as possible while avoiding stepping on traps.

⭐️ Earned wealth can be used to purchase weapons, tools, and shields to aid you in your journey.

⭐️ It brings the desktop game's experience to your mobile device, allowing you to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

⭐️ Test your skills and see how far you can go in this thrilling adventure game!


Treasure Hunt Adventure Puzzle is a captivating logic puzzle game that offers an immersive experience on your mobile device. With its combination of minesweeper gameplay and random elements, it keeps you on your toes as you collect treasures and try to avoid traps. Utilize the wealth you gather to upgrade your arsenal and enhance your chances of success. Whether you're a fan of the desktop game or a new player, this app provides an exciting adventure that will keep you entertained for hours. Download now and embark on your treasure hunt!


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  • Adventurous
    2024-05-30 04:50:54
  • My Grandson and enjoy playing together.
    2024-05-30 04:16:37
  • I love this game! Quite Thrilling
    2024-05-29 00:04:50
  • Nice
    2024-05-28 21:33:55
  • Awesome game
    2024-05-28 17:39:19
  • Good
    2024-05-27 21:20:40