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Kids Theater: Zoo Show

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Engage your little one with Kids Theater: Zoo Show, an exciting and interactive app that teaches children about animals while having fun. Your child will love collecting zoo animals and pets and learning their sounds. With over 16 beautifully animated and cute animal characters, such as a playful monkey, a roaring lion, and a jumping kangaroo, your child will have endless entertainment. The app also features two mini-games that aid in memory and puzzle-solving skills. Whether it's during bedtime, nap time, or when you need a quick break, Kids Theater: Zoo Show is the perfect companion for both parent and child.

Features of Kids Theater: Zoo Show:

⭐️ Collect Zoo animals and pets: Engage your child by collecting a variety of zoo animals and pets.

⭐️ Learn animal sounds: Your child can learn the sounds that different animals make, making it an educational experience.

⭐️ Interactive educational scene: Kids Theater: Zoo Show offers an interactive educational scene for your child to explore.

⭐️ Mini-games designed for toddlers: The app includes two mini-games - Memory Cards and Puzzle - specifically designed for toddlers.

⭐️ Multiple languages: The app supports animal names in 8 different languages, helping to expand your child's language skills.

⭐️ Compatible with different devices: The app automatically supports all screen resolutions and works equally well on both phones and tablets.


Kids Theater: Zoo Show is a fun and educational app that allows children to engage with animals, learn their sounds, and play interactive games. With its wide variety of zoo animals and pets, mini-games designed for toddlers, and support for multiple languages, this app is sure to entertain and educate your child. Download now to inspire and educate your little one!


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