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Welcome to the West Game! In this thrilling SLG game, you'll step into the boots of a settler in America, 1865. The Civil War may have just ended, but a new battle for survival is just beginning. As you navigate the ruthless land of America, you'll need to rob, steal, and fight your way to the top. But be warned, there are no rules here. Deception and betrayal lurk around every corner as you tango among bandits, gangs, con artists, politicians, and entrepreneurs. Only the strongest can survive in this lawless land, filled with money, women, guns, and gangs. Will you have what it takes to become a true Westerner and write your own history? Build and customize your town, raise a massive army, recruit famous cowboys and outlaws, battle against players from around the world, join fearless alliances, and communicate and strategize with friends in real-time chat. Conduct research to develop your city, forge legendary weapons, and defeat brutal bandits for rare equipment and resources - all for free. Don't miss out on the chance to win priceless rewards in various daily events.

Features of West Game:

⭐️ Build and customize your own Wild West town.

⭐️ Recruit and command a massive army to fight against players worldwide.

⭐️ Raise a Sheriff to lead your men to victory.

⭐️ Join alliances to rally wars against powerful rivals.

⭐️ Communicate and strategize with friends through in-game chat channels.

⭐️ Participate in events and win valuable rewards every day.


Immerse yourself in the Wild West era with this thrilling SLG game. Build your own town, recruit your own gangs, and engage in battles against players from all over the world. Experience the excitement of the Wild West with intense gameplay and strategic decision-making. Join alliances, communicate with friends, and strategize your way to victory. With a customizable town, a massive army, and the opportunity to win valuable rewards, West Game app is a must-have for any lover of Western-themed games. Get ready to fight, rob, steal, and become a true Westerner in the ruthless land of America. Download now and write your own history in the Wild West!


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  • This game is very unfriendly to new players. Mosst games like this have an easy navigation area. Like, when the Research queue is empty, you can just tap on that and it brings you to the Academy. But not this game. You have to remember where the tutorial put it. Or I guess know what the developers THINK an old west academy looks like? Because NOTHING is labeled. On top of that, construction takes literally 10x longer than most of these types of games. 20 minutes from level 1 to 2? Ridiculous!
    2024-06-01 10:11:39
  • The game has good potential. But you guys need to work on a couple things. The game is a bit laggy. ::: need to add a quick select when using time speed up boosts. Need to show how many troops we have total in barracks, the troop count goes to 0 when they are out gathering resources. Need to show the daily/hourly resource production, it doesn't show anything. You need to change the resource inventory use option from clicking once every single time to the option of selecting multiple times.
    2024-05-31 13:56:39
  • Hard to play without paying. You literally have to wait until you have everything upgraded before you can actually start playing. As you level up your buildings, it takes longer and longer, sometimes 8-24 hours. You can upgrade them quickly of you buy gold, but it's a never ending need to purchase them. If you want to duel. You also need to buy with real money ammo t The game does offer many opportunities to earn gold and other resources but it's not enough to get you what you need to level up.
    2024-05-30 14:57:19
  • This is a pretty well put together game, and I used to recommend it. It has occasional flaws and glitches, but the developers do listen(used to) to and help when players have problems. You can also progress without spending money in this game, but they also make it much more worth spending . You can pay to get ahead but it doesn't make you God. However greed has started to take over and they are slowly stripping events and the ability to enjoy the game for free. Now I would say don't bother.
    2024-05-29 02:53:32
  • Building up your own town, leveling takes time. 2 stars because the game is a bit confusing, not a lot of helpful guidance from the game itself. Also extremely slow going unless you in app purchase, spending lots of real money. It is nothing like the ads. It's basically a build a town and army stronger than your enemy around you, game. Join an alliance, they are helpful and makes things easier. Prepare to spend a lot of real money and time, and I do mean a lot if you want to progress.
    2024-05-29 01:04:56
  • Fun and rather addictive. Takes a long time to level up buildings after a certain point, though. Would also be nice if a 7 day shield would be offered. 5 days is the max available at this point. Edit: STILL needs to offer a 7 day shield! Other games do, why not this one? EDIT: I dropped my rating to 2 stars. First, they STILL have not introduced a 7 day shield! Second, after level 20, it takes way too long to build up enough resources to level up again. Uninstalled.
    2024-05-28 16:27:50