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Trojan War: Sparta Warriors

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  • Introduction

Get ready to lead a legendary Greek army to victory in the captivating real-time strategy game, Trojan War: Sparta Warriors. As the commander, your mission is to reclaim Queen Helen from the grasp of Troy. With each battle, you'll acquire new troops and divine goods to enhance your power. But be prepared to strategically manage your resources and outmaneuver your adversaries. With its touch controls, this game offers an immersive experience where you can unleash your army's unique abilities. Unearth heavenly treasures, explore an ancient world, and compete in thrilling tournaments. Immerse yourself in the rich mythology and master the art of war to conquer all challenges in Trojan War: Sparta Warriors.

Features of Trojan War: Sparta Warriors:

- Gripping real-time strategy gameplay: Take command of a renowned Greek army and lead them to victory over Troy in this thrilling game. Use touch controls to instruct your troops and defeat your adversaries.

- Acquire new troops and divine goods: Along the road to victory, you can acquire new troops and divine goods to boost your power. Build a powerful army that can conquer Troy and win back Queen Helen.

- Maintain a balance of resources: In order to succeed, you must maintain a balance of resources. Manage your troops, divine goods, and other resources strategically to ensure your army's success.

- Access heavenly treasures: Experience the excitement of heavenly treasures in this game. Unlock and utilize powerful items and spells from the Twelve Olympians to gain an edge in battles.

- Iconic characters: Play with iconic characters from the Trojan War, including Hunters, Swordsmen, Bowmen, Hoplites, Priests, the Trojan Horse, and the Cyclops. Each character has unique skills that contribute to the overall development of your army.

- Immersive and in-depth storyline: Immerse yourself in the historical conflict of the Trojan War. Experience the drama and ferocity of the war that was ignited by the kidnapping of Queen Helen. Discover the significance of strategy and deception in military conflict.


Trojan War: Sparta Warriors offers an irresistible and immersive gaming experience. With gripping real-time strategy gameplay, the ability to acquire new troops and divine goods, and access to heavenly treasures, this game will keep you coming back for more. The iconic characters and in-depth storyline bring the field of battle to life, ensuring that every moment is exciting. Master the art of war, maintain a balance of resources, and face challenging strategic scenarios to achieve victory. Download Trojan War: Sparta Warriors now to experience the ultimate gaming adventure.


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