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Explore a world of trains and railroads in Train. Station. Railroad., the ultimate strategy game! Become a pioneer as you discover new train stations and factories, expanding the possibilities of the visible universe. Unlike other clicker games, you don't need to constantly tap on train stations to gather resources. With the idle/auto mode, resources will be collected even when you're away. Upgrade your railroads and unleash the potential of your expedition. Hire managers to increase productivity and learn new skills to accelerate your development. With countless train stations and endless opportunities, this free idle clicker game guarantees hours of addictive fun. No Wi-Fi? No problem! Play anytime, anywhere. Start your train-tastic adventure now and see how far you can go! Don't forget to leave your valuable feedback to help us improve the game.

Features of Train. Station. Railroad.:

⭐️ Strategy gameplay: The game offers a unique and interesting strategy game where players can explore and build train stations and railroads.

⭐️ Idle mode: You don't have to constantly click on train stations to earn resources. The app allows you to stay idle and still gather resources in auto mode, even when you're away.

⭐️ Upgrade railroads: Players have the opportunity to upgrade their railroads and discover new train stations, expanding the possibilities of the game.

⭐️ Mine resources: The app allows users to mine resources and develop factories, giving them the chance to expand their gameplay and explore the visible universe.

⭐️ Hire managers: Players can hire managers to mine more resources and leave them to manage stations. With managers, the productivity of the stations will grow, making the gameplay more efficient.

⭐️ Learn new skills: Train. Station. Railroad. offers the ability to learn new skills that can accelerate the development of your expedition, allowing for faster progress in the game.


Train. Station. Railroad. is an engaging and addictive idle clicker game that provides a unique strategy experience. With its idle mode, players can gather resources even when they're not actively playing, making it perfect for busy individuals. The app offers various features such as upgrading railroads, hiring managers, and learning new skills, providing endless possibilities for exploration. Whether you're a casual gamer or a strategy enthusiast, it is a must-have game to download and enjoy.


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