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Dog Family Sim Animal Games

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Package ID:com.nag.dog.simulator.game


  • Introduction

Welcome to Dog Family Sim Animal Games, the ultimate dog adventure! Explore a massive 3D world as a dog and fight against enemy animals like rabbits, boars, tigers, and wolves for your survival. In this simulation game, you can feed, train, and play with your favorite puppies and big dogs. Customize them by giving them cute names and genders. Unlock different breeds by smashing challenges and level up in wild animal family games. Adopt lovable pets from shelters and build a lovely family of cute puppies. Experience realistic weather conditions and a beautiful environment in this exciting pet care game. Play Dog Family Sim Animal Games now and enter the world of virtual dog games!

Features of Dog Family Sim Animal Games:

- Explore a massive 3D world: Immerse yourself in a vast open world where you can freely roam and explore as a dog.

- Fight and attack enemy animals: Engage in thrilling battles with various enemy animals such as rabbits, boars, moose, bears, tigers, dear, raccoons, foxes, and wolves.

- Raise a family of wild puppies: Experience the joy of parenthood as you breed and raise a whole family of adorable puppies.

- Customize your dogs: Personalize your dogs by giving them cute pet names and choosing their gender, making them truly unique in the animal simulator games.

- Unlock different dog breeds: Earn coins by overcoming challenging tasks and leveling up to unlock a variety of dog breeds, each with their own special traits.

- Learn about pet dogs: Expand your knowledge of pet dogs and cats by discovering amazing facts about them, enhancing your understanding of these fascinating animals.


Dog Family Sim Animal Games app offers an exciting and immersive experience where you can live the life of a dog. With its massive 3D world, thrilling battles, and the ability to raise a family of puppies, this game provides hours of fun and entertainment. Customize your dogs, unlock different breeds, and expand your knowledge of pet dogs, making it a must-have for animal lovers. Download now to embark on an adventure like no other!


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