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Nail foot toe doctor surgery

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Package ID:com.iapgames.nailandfootsurgeonhospital

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  • Introduction

Welcome to the Nail foot toe doctor surgery app! Get ready to put on your medical scrubs and become a skilled surgeon in the operating room. This game gives you the opportunity to fix leg injuries and perform various foot treatments on your patients. With realistic surgery tools, you'll be able to examine and diagnose the problems using X-rays. Treat ailments such as Achilles tendon rupture, knee surgery, bone surgery, nail surgery, and bunions surgery. You'll even have the chance to provide back foot treatments like pedicures. So put on your thinking cap and show off your medical skills in this exciting and immersive game.

Features of Nail foot toe doctor surgery:

❤️ Various Foot Surgeries: The app offers six different types of realistic foot surgeries, including Achilles Tendon Rupture, Knee Surgery, Bone Surgery, Nail Surgery, Bunion Surgery, and Back Foot Treatment. Users can experience the excitement and challenges of performing these surgeries.

❤️ Realistic Surgical Tools: Users can immerse themselves in the role of a Nail and Foot Surgeon with the app's wide range of real surgical equipment. They can use tools like bone saws, arthroscopes, and forceps to perform the surgeries accurately.

❤️ Detailed Examination Process: Before proceeding with the surgeries, the app emphasizes the importance of proper examination. Users need to take X-rays and carefully examine the patients to identify the problem areas, providing a realistic medical experience.

❤️ Character Selection Options: The app offers character selection options, allowing users to choose their preferred character to operate on the patients. This feature adds a personal touch and enhances user engagement.

❤️ Pain Relief and Healing: The app not only focuses on performing surgeries but also emphasizes pain relief and healing. Users can treat the damaged parts of the foot and relieve the patients from pain, contributing to their overall recovery.

❤️ Back Foot Pedicure Treatment: In addition to surgeries, the app provides users with the opportunity to clean the back foot and give a pedicure-like treatment. This feature adds a fun element to the app, making it more enjoyable.


Experience the thrill of being a Nail & Foot Surgeon with the Nail foot toe doctor surgery App. Perform various foot surgeries using realistic surgical tools and treat injured patients with care. From diagnosing ailments to relieving pain and providing healing, this app offers a comprehensive and engaging medical experience. With character selection options and a fun back foot pedicure treatment, this app provides an enjoyable and educational experience for users. Click now to download and start your journey as a skilled Nail & Foot Surgeon!


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