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Piano Trip - Magic Music Game

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  • Introduction

Piano Trip - Magic Music Game is a refreshing and captivating app that takes piano music games to a whole new level. Say goodbye to the monotonous black and white tiles and hello to a world of adventure and beautiful melodies. Embark on a global journey, starting in the bustling streets of New York City and continuing through vibrant Brazil and enchanting Bangkok Grand Palace. With its impeccable game design, Piano Trip offers a unique gaming experience that keeps you hooked. Challenge yourself, collect coins, unlock animal tiles and maps, and tap along to the music to become a magic pianist in this magical world. Get ready to be transported into a world of enchantment and imagination with Piano Trip - Magic Music Game!

Features of Piano Trip - Magic Music Game:

- Unique Gameplay: Say goodbye to the traditional way of playing piano music games. Piano Trip offers a refreshing and exciting gaming experience.

- Global Adventure: Take a musical journey around the world as you explore cityscapes like New York City, revel in the festivities of Brazil, and wander through the grandeur of Bangkok's Grand Palace.

- Engaging Design: Immerse yourself in the stunning visuals and exceptional game design of Piano Trip. Every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance your gaming pleasure.

- Rewarding Challenges: Test your skills and earn coins by conquering challenging levels. Collect more coins to unlock a variety of animal-themed tiles and intriguing maps.

- Beautiful Piano Music: Indulge your senses with a selection of high-quality piano songs that accompany each level. Immerse yourself in the soothing melodies and feel the rhythm in your fingertips.

- Weekly Updates: Stay tuned for new song releases every week, ensuring that your musical journey never ends. Discover exciting tracks and expand your repertoire.


Piano Trip - Magic Music Game breaks the mold of traditional piano music games by offering a unique and captivating gaming experience. With its stunning visuals, engaging design, and high-quality piano songs, this app promises to delight and entertain players. Embark on a global adventure, unlock captivating animal-themed tiles, and challenge yourself to earn rewards. Join us now and become a magical pianist in a world of enchantment! Click to download and start playing today.


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