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Fleet Battle - Sea Battle

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  • Introduction

Fleet Battle is the ultimate naval combat game that brings the classic Sea Battle to your smartphone or tablet. With its cool blueprint or color look, this game offers everything that made the classic so popular. Take on the role of a Fleet Commander and defeat ship after ship as you rise through the ranks. Play against the computer, random human opponents, or challenge your friends. With features like quick match multiplayer, leaderboards, and different shot rules, this fast-paced game will keep you entertained for hours. Whether you're a fan of boardgames or looking for a time-waster, Fleet Battle is the perfect choice.

Features of Fleet Battle - Sea Battle:

> Classic Sea Battle: Fleet Battle brings the classic Sea Battle game to your smartphone or tablet, giving you a nostalgic experience.

> Multiple Game Modes: Play against the computer, random human opponents, or your friends. You can choose between singleplayer, Quick Match, or Play with Friends.

> Multiplayer Worldwide: Compete against real humans from around the world in the Quick Match mode. Test your skills and climb up the leaderboards to earn a place in the "Hall of Champions".

> Bluetooth Game Mode: Play with your friends using the Bluetooth game mode, even when there is no internet available. Perfect for playing with coworkers during breaks.

> Unique Features: It offers additional features not typically found in this type of game, such as optional shot rules, different game modes, and the ability to collect ship skins and medals.

> Time Waster: Whether you're traveling, on a school break, or sitting in a waiting room, Fleet Battle is the perfect app to fight boredom. Your pocket battleships are always ready for a quick game.


Fleet Battle is the ultimate naval battleship-style combat game for your smartphone or tablet. With its classic gameplay, multiple game modes, worldwide multiplayer, and unique features, it offers a fun and addictive experience for players of all ages. Download now and become a real Fleet Commander!


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  • The sluggishness in the new update suddenly vanished. (Hey, they can fix things telepathically. This needs to catch on.) Sorry about having to delete my previous review and maybe making your previous reply seem confusing to people. There's a word limit on these reviews. The newest update screwed up the Quick Start option. It brings up an ambiguous screen after I try to quick start with my default settings.
    2024-05-29 18:20:31
  • Really fun game; specialy when you play with your friends in local multiplayer. Soundpacks are nice and cool, the retro main menu music is a little bit disturbing tho.3d effects are the best .Changing your ship skins in fleet menu is a little bit hard.voice Over feature is cool, helps you not get bored; it would be way too cooler if there was a military version of it. For example if it had some radio sound effect on it and more usage of military expressions, way too cool it would be. Nice game!
    2024-05-28 15:46:46
  • I honestly see no issue with the ads at the moment and it is at a perfect position right now, unlike how everybody else sees it. The gameplay is top notch but every once in a while I will open the app and it would crash as soon as I tap "ok" when the screen says "a location would help our ad revenue". Fix the issue if you will, I have a Google Pixel 4 and I would rate 5 stars. (Edit:) Sometimes I make it past that point and if I tap on anything else it would take me to my home screen
    2024-05-28 10:20:20
  • Best replica of the board games! Smooth animation and intuitive gameplay. Awesome level based matchmaking.
    2024-05-28 02:42:37
  • Very addicting and fun game with barely to no adds! Good time waster! Love that you can play online with either random people or your friends and single player against the computer you can choose what difficulty you would like for a challenge. The only reason I'm doing 4 instead of 5 stars is because I feel like the way you level up is way different for anyone and it should be the same. I can see some people have only played like 10 games and their win percentage is low and be at the same rank as me and I've played 60 games and my win percentage is just over 50 percent...
    2024-05-27 23:32:09
  • this game are superb,i like how u also add voiceline for female player,get to customize our ship,get to choose rules,be able to play in a various way!
    2024-05-27 11:31:56