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Step into the world of Carrom King™, a classic board game that brings friends, family, and kids together. With over 50 million downloads, this is the official and popular Carrom King game that guarantees hours of excitement and entertainment. Experience mind-blowing features such as Power Ups, Striker power, and aim options, as well as uniquely designed colorful pucks. This Indian version of pool or billiards, known as Carrom or Karrom, challenges you to pot all the coins before your opponent to emerge victorious. With two challenging gameplay modes and amazing realistic 3D graphics, Carrom King™ is the ultimate gaming experience. Join the millions of players worldwide and enjoy the thrill of playing Carrom with your loved ones. Download it now and let the game begin!

Features of Carrom King™:

❤️ Classic board game: Carrom King™ is a popular and official carrom game with over 50 million downloads. It brings the traditional carrom board game experience to your mobile device.

❤️ Mind-blowing features: The game offers exciting features like Power Ups, Striker power & aim options, and uniquely designed colorful pucks. These features add depth and variety to the gameplay.

❤️ Challenging gameplay modes: Carrom King™ provides two challenging gameplay modes - Freestyle and Black & White. Players can choose their preferred mode and compete against opponents.

❤️ User-friendly controls and realistic graphics: The game prioritizes originality and authenticity with user-friendly controls, amazing realistic 3D graphics, and great physics. This creates an immersive experience that replicates playing carrom with friends and family.

❤️ Multiplayer functionality: Players can compete with millions of players worldwide in online multiplayer modes. They can interact with other players through emojis and messages, challenge opponents for rematches, and progress through multiple lobbies.

❤️ Single Player Offline Mode: In addition to multiplayer, Carrom King™ offers a single-player offline mode where players can challenge the AI or play trick shots. This mode helps improve skills and reflexes.


Experience the classic carrom board game like never before with Carrom King™. With over 50 million downloads, this popular game brings mind-blowing features, challenging gameplay modes, and realistic graphics to your mobile device. Play online with players worldwide, challenge your friends in private rooms, or test your skills in single-player modes. Download the latest version now to enjoy this free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Let's hit the table and start potting those coins!


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  • I enjoy playing this game. But the thing annoying me most is after every game it mostly shows video ads which starts with full volume although my phone is in silent mode. I used to play this game mostly late night and suddenly loud music ad starts and my family wakes up shouting to keep my phone silent (which is already silent). Please resolve this issue..
    2024-05-27 09:51:21
  • Not at all good. When playing with computer in free style, computer only will start the game and it will not give strike to us. It will only complete the whole game. Then why we should play, let computer only play from our end also. Always computer only will Win. Black/white is little better. Some rules are wrong like hitting/strike from back towards, touching coins when it's on arrow etc., Overall average. Please look into these issues.
    2024-05-26 15:50:08
  • This game is awesome without any unwanted graphics, the physics of the game is natural, even better than the popular no1 one game. But Hitting back button after the end of a game is natural, but the game says "back functionality is not available" and strucks. Hitting back button should send us to the main menu.
    2024-05-26 00:40:44
  • Some of the moves allowed here are not game legal......such as u can hit the dices which are behind the stiriking strip i.e backward stroke....secondly there is no foul on hitting the dices which are touching any of the four arrow line. Just bcoz of above two anomalies this game becomes unrealistic....at least for Indian players. Further u can give option to the player to type the messages he wanted to send to opponent. Plz improve and correct these anomalies.
    2024-05-25 23:38:43
  • You guys ruined the game with the new update. The whole concept of power is lost. The game is not as smooth as before and you can not hit cuts. If i had the option of going below 1 star i would have given it that. If this keeps up, you guys are sure to lose your users. To all the new users out there... I strongly recommend that you people consider downloading a different app because this one has become utter nonsense in terms of carrom
    2024-05-25 09:52:18
  • Disappointed with the new version :( only UI is good. While playing only 2-3 games found so many issues.An e.g. I was having 5000+ coins in my wallet so i started new game worth 10000 coins now while i was in the game i saw it was showing me 2000 coins instead of 10000 on the screen and the profile pic was different and even the personal coin count was different for me.. didn't get what is happening. Old version was relatively better. All the best Team!
    2024-05-25 09:26:59