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Hidden City®: Mystery of Shadows

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Package ID:com.g5e.hiddencity.android

Developer:G5 Entertainment

  • Introduction

Welcome to a world of Hidden City®: Mystery of Shadows! Prepare yourself for a journey like no other as you explore the enigmatic city that has been appearing around the world. Is it real or just an illusion? Your friend has been taken by black smoke into this phantom city, and it is up to you to save them. Enter a place where magic, witchcraft, and science converge, where imagination becomes reality, and strange creatures roam the streets. As you navigate through this peculiar world, you will encounter people with extraordinary abilities, enigmatic artifacts, and dangerous secrets. Embark on risky quests, delve into dungeons, research powerful amulets, and seek the aid of your friends to unravel the mysteries of Shadow City. Battle monsters, confront a cult, and banish the evil that haunts the city. Unlock additional bonuses through in-app purchases, explore 35 eerie locations, complete over 2600 quests, collect 383 unique items, meet 27 distinctive characters, and test your skills against 15 monsters in riveting mini-games. Join forces with your friends to combat the forces of darkness and enjoy regular updates with tons of new content. Experience this thrilling adventure today!

Features of Hidden City®: Mystery of Shadows:

❤️ Mirages of an unknown city: The app takes you on a thrilling journey to discover and explore an unknown city full of mysteries and secrets.

❤️ Unique and immersive setting: Experience a place where magic, witchcraft, and science coexist, and strange creatures roam the streets, creating an atmosphere unlike any other.

❤️ Exciting quests and challenges: Engage in risky quests, explore dungeons, and solve unexplained phenomena in order to rescue your friend and unravel the mysteries of the city.

❤️ Extensive content: With over 2600 quests to complete, 383 collections to piece together, and 35 eerie locations to search, the app ensures hours of gameplay and adventure.

❤️ Variety of characters and monsters: Encounter 27 distinctive characters and engage in thrilling battles with 15 monsters through mini-games, adding excitement and action to your experience.

❤️ Social interaction: Play with your friends to fight the evil together, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.


Hidden City®: Mystery of Shadows offers a unique and thrilling hidden object game experience set in an unknown city filled with magic and mysterious phenomena. With its extensive content, exciting quests, and the ability to play with friends, this app promises hours of immersive gameplay and is a must-download for adventure enthusiasts.


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