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Classic Solitaire

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  • Introduction

Introducing the Classic Solitaire Game App, now available for Android smartphones! Experience the beloved and timeless card game, solitaire, in the palm of your hand. With its modern design and classic feel, we have created an app that captures the essence of the game that everyone loves. Whether you prefer to move cards with a quick tap or a smooth drag, our app allows you to play at your pace. Customize your experience with different backgrounds for both the app and the cards. Keep track of your progress with timers, moves, and statistics, and challenge yourself with fun achievements. Play offline anytime and anywhere, and never worry about losing your progress with our unlimited undo feature. Discover the joy of solitaire all over again with the Classic Solitaire Game App!

Features of Classic Solitaire:

* Classic Solitaire gameplay: Enjoy the popular and classic card game on your Android smartphone.

* Modern design: The app features a fresh and modern look, while still maintaining the traditional solitaire feel that everyone loves.

* Intuitive controls: Move cards with a single tap or drag them to their destination, making the game easy to play and navigate.

* Customization options: Choose from a variety of app backgrounds and card backgrounds to personalize your gaming experience.

* Helpful features: Smart hints show potentially useful moves, while the unlimited undo and auto-complete options help you finish games more efficiently.

* Versatile gameplay: Play either Draw 1 or Draw 3 cards, and enjoy left-handed and right-handed options for convenience.


Download the Classic Solitaire app now to experience the timeless card game on your Android smartphone. With its modern design, intuitive controls, customization options, and various gameplay modes, this app offers a fun and challenging solitaire experience. Whether you're a solitaire enthusiast or a casual player, this app is perfect for playing anytime and anywhere, even offline. Click now to start playing!


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  • it's fun to beat and more fun to play
    2024-05-27 07:24:08
  • excellent deal off the pile. easy to get really excited. Just one apparent flaw. early in the game I have to start tapping a spot 2 to 4 times to get it to respond. but overall feels good with little intrusion by staff.
    2024-05-26 05:28:49
  • This is another great online Solitaire game.
    2024-05-25 11:01:44
  • One game played and I like it a lot. When I tried to move one card to another stack, it took several attempts to move it. Not a complaint; it was the letter C, far left stack.
    2024-05-25 04:33:44
  • It's totally a scam, because i had played the and won, but it didn't send me the money, it is just telling me that payment was rejected by the PayPal so it is a total scam don't waste your time on downloading the app or playing the game
    2024-05-24 22:57:16
  • I just played a solitaire game that put the jack of hearts on the 10 of diamonds and the jack of diamonds on the 10 of hearts. Something crazy going on here!!!!! Now I hate this game because of the update y'all did to it. DELETING IT FOREVER!!!@
    2024-05-24 11:24:28