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Chess Stars - Play Online

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Package ID:com.turbolabz.instantchess.android.googleplay


  • Introduction

Chess Stars is an app that allows you to play classic chess with friends online in a fun and social environment. With in-game chat and integration with Facebook, you can easily connect with friends and players from around the world. The app offers three exciting game modes and a simple layout, making it suitable for players of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a chess master, Chess Stars provides a platform for you to improve your skills and compete with worthy opponents. Personalize your game with beautiful themes and boards, express yourself with emojis, make new friends, and even participate in weekly challenges to climb up the leaderboards. If you're looking for a way to play and learn chess, Chess Stars is the perfect choice!

Features of Chess Stars - Play Online:

* In-game chat and Facebook integration: Stay connected with friends and players from around the world while playing chess.

* Multiple game modes: Choose from quick matches, slow chess, and play against the computer, catering to all levels of players.

* Game statistics: Analyze your moves, strengths, and blunders to improve your gameplay.

* Beautiful themes and boards: Personalize the game with visually stunning themes like Dracula and Under the Sea.

* Emojis: Express yourself with emojis in the chat section, adding fun and personality to your interactions.

* Chess lessons and weekly challenges: Learn and improve your chess skills with lesson videos and participate in weekly championships for an extra challenge.


Chess Stars is the ultimate app for chess enthusiasts of all levels, offering a user-friendly and social chess experience. With in-game chat and Facebook integration, players can connect with friends and players from around the world. The app provides multiple game modes, game statistics, and visually appealing themes, ensuring a captivating and personalized gaming experience. Express yourself with emojis and make new friends while playing chess. Additionally, users can learn and improve their chess skills through lesson videos and participate in weekly challenges to test their abilities. Download Chess Stars now and embark on the journey to become a chess grandmaster!


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  • I loss 3 times in a row just now. Technically, It's a loss but not bcoz I'm defeated in the game literally but simply bcoz of your game function isn't working well. I simply couldn't make it when it's my turn to move. My opponent is telling me to move otherwise I'll loss the game. And i was saying also to him that I'm waiting for his move since the clock is ticking on his side yet at end i lost. Please, review the last games i had and i think it's time to improve your game functions. God Bless!
    2024-05-26 23:56:10
  • more and more ads? and bug
    2024-05-25 23:11:14
  • I liked the game. But looks like there is an issue with the existing app. Sometimes when your opponent times out nothing happens and you have to simply resing if want to play another game with a different user. I am not sure why it occurs from time to time. I have the screenshot with me. This is not a good experience. Your rating and points get affected and causes your interest to move towards a similar available options.
    2024-05-25 22:02:39
  • Game designing is well. The application is perfect
    2024-05-25 21:42:36
  • It used to be a very good game earlier. But now in recent version it hangs. Most of the time it just hangs with the reconnecting message. Sometime it doesn't take us yo the next page of searching the opponent. The experience us worst in terms of performance
    2024-05-24 15:45:48
  • Used to be a good app. So many bugs since the last update. The previous version was even better than this one. Reconnecting in the middle of a game(more than once and its not due to any network issue). Game freezes at some points. Hope the admins will fix these issues soon.
    2024-05-24 13:12:53