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  • Introduction

Thousand Dice is a fantastic game app that allows you to play anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to play solo and sharpen your skills or challenge friends and strangers in a multiplayer game, Thousand has got you covered. With up to 6 players in each game, the excitement and thrill of a real fight with real people is guaranteed. The game involves rolling 5 dice and strategically analyzing the results for scoring combinations. Points are awarded for dice of certain denominations and combinations, but be careful as rolling a "zero" combination will cost you all your points for that turn. Collect your points wisely to keep them and continue the game. In addition to the addictive gameplay, Thousand offers a variety of features including simple registration, the ability to play with friends across different platforms, and the option to purchase unique dice and cups to personalize your gaming experience. Don't forget to play daily to earn bonus chips and keep the fun going!

Features of Thousand Dice:

* Convenient Time Play: Play the game at any time that suits you, without any restrictions.

* Risk-Free Individual Play: Play on your own without worrying about losing your chips. Practice, gain experience, and develop new strategies.

* Multiplayer Mode: Experience the excitement of competing against real people. Play with friends or strangers and feel the thrill of a real fight.

* Up to 6 Players: Enjoy the game with up to 6 players. Take turns and strategize to outsmart your opponents.

* Score Calculation: Roll the dice and analyze the results for scoring combinations. Earn points based on the values on the dice and form high-scoring combinations.

* Personalization Options: Customize your gameplay experience by purchasing different dice and cups. Be unique and choose the dice or cup that matches your style. Earn chips and unlock your favorite options.


With the convenience of playing at any time, risk-free individual practice, and the excitement of multiplayer gameplay, this app offers a thrilling gaming experience. Engage with friends or challenge strangers, strategize your moves, and earn chips for customization options. Download Thousand Dice now to enjoy the daily bonus and become the ultimate player in the Thousand app.


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  • Would have given 5 stars, but rarely can complete a dual game. Constantly disconnected durring opponents turn. Playing on tablet by wifi, stable connection here.
    2024-05-25 05:18:00
  • Confusing
    2024-05-24 11:14:03
  • Rules could be better explained. Should have a choice of the dice you want to hold. All in all not bad.
    2024-05-23 14:13:01