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  • Introduction

In this interactive game called School Love, you step into the shoes of Suzuki Tsukimine, a 19-year-old wolf who is about to experience his first day at Fujimi High School, a prestigious preparatory school. Join Suzuki as he navigates the ups and downs of high school life and forms relationships with his four new friends. Encounter a diverse cast of characters along the way and discover what can go wrong on Suzuki's first day of school. Please note that this project is still in development and may contain errors; feel free to report any issues on our official Twitter account for support and updates.

Features of School Love app:

- Role-playing as Suzuki Tsukimine, a 19-year-old wolf, who experiences their first day at a prestigious high school.

- Engage in an interactive gameplay where you explore the protagonist's relationships with their four new friends.

- Encounter a diverse range of characters throughout the game's storyline.

- Experience the challenges and potential mishaps that can occur on the protagonist's first day of school.

- Continuously evolving project with ongoing development, allowing for future updates and enhancements.

- Possibility to report any errors, including spelling, gameplay, and visual elements, to the dedicated Twitter account.


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to step into the shoes of Suzuki Tsukimine and navigate their journey in a prestigious high school. Engage in an interactive experience, building relationships with new friends and encountering a diverse range of characters. This ongoing project promises continuous updates and improvements. Join now and contribute to the development by reporting any errors through the official Twitter account. Start playing this captivating app and download School Love today!


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