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  • Introduction

Blossom City: Fall, a captivating slice of life visual novel, takes you on a journey through a town caught between the past and present. Join Aiden Hensley as he discovers the true essence of life, guided by his estranged father, caring professor, and carefree peer. With Book One now completed, stay tuned on our Discord for updates on upcoming projects, including Book Two, Winter. Don't miss out on this heartwarming adventure! Follow our Twitter for NSFW Art and VN updates.

Features of the Blossom City: Fall App:

- Linear slice of life visual novel: Experience a captivating storyline set in a town divided between the past and present, and delve into the lives of its inhabitants.

- Engaging protagonist: Follow Aiden Hensley on his journey of self-discovery, guided by his estranged father, supportive professor, and carefree peer.

- Book one complete: Enjoy the entirety of book one in the Blossom City series, immersing yourself in its rich narrative and character development.

- Stay updated on upcoming projects: Join our Discord community to receive the latest news and updates on the exciting new additions to the Blossom City: Fall universe, including book two, Winter.

- NSFW Art and VN updates: Connect with us on Twitter for exclusive content, including adult art and updates on the visual novel.

- Support the developers: Consider donating to our Patreon to support the ongoing development of both current and future projects, ensuring that we can continue to provide you with captivating stories and immersive experiences.


Blossom City: Fall is an enticing and emotionally-driven visual novel app that offers a unique slice of life experience. With a well-crafted storyline, relatable characters, and the promise of future installments, this app is a must-have for fans of the genre. Join the passionate community, stay updated on upcoming projects, and support the developers by downloading the app today. Click here to start your journey in Blossom City: Fall!


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