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Package ID:air.com.applauz.skylanders

Developer:Applauz Media Solutions

  • Introduction

Trap Vault is the ultimate app for all Skylander collectors out there. Say goodbye to the hassle of keeping track of your Skylanders traps and villains in storage cases. With Trap Vault, you can easily manage your collection and always know which traps you own and which ones you need to complete your set. The app also allows you to keep a history of all the villains you have captured on your traps, so you can proudly share your collection with friends or parents. And the best part? We've removed all in-app purchases and put you in control of how often you see ads.

Features of Trap Vault:

- Keep track of captured villains: The app allows users to easily keep track of the villains they have captured with their Skylanders traps, eliminating the need for storage cases.

- Manage your Trap collection: Users can easily manage their Skylanders Trap collection and track which traps they already own and which ones they still need to complete their collection.

- Share collection with friends and parents: The app allows users to share their Trap collection with friends or parents, making it easy for others to know which traps they own and which ones they still need.

- Ad control: The app gives users full control over how often they see ads. The more they use the app, the fewer ads they will see.

- Free features: All app features are now enabled for free, as the In-App purchasing option has been removed.

- No affiliation with Activision: The app is not affiliated with Activision Publishing Inc., the company behind Skylanders Trap Team.


Download now to make your Skylander hunting more convenient and organized.


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