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  • Introduction

Outland Wanderer is an exciting app that takes you on a thrilling adventure in the continent of Mokken. As you try to find your way back to your own Tribe, you'll form bonds with the locals, face unknown forces, and uncover your own destiny. With a focus on delivering captivating NSFW CG scenes in various scenarios, including battles and character progression, this app offers a unique and immersive experience. With a branching storyline, every choice and quest you undertake will have far-reaching consequences. Explore dungeons, solve puzzles, and defeat monsters as you embark on this epic journey. Download now and start your adventure today!

Outland Wanderer

Features of Outland Wanderer:

- Engaging Storyline: Follow the journey of the Outland Wanderer as they explore the continent of Mokken, bond with locals, and uncover their own destiny.

- NSFW CG Scenes: Experience different scenarios with consequences, including battles and character progression, with a warning for scenes involving more kinks.

- Branching Storyline: Every choice and quest you take on will have wider consequences in the future, offering a variety of content and quests given by different characters.

- Traditional RPG Battle System: Engage in turn-based battles with different enemies, utilizing different strategies and abilities based on the main five stats (STR, INT, TEN, CHA, AGI).

- Basic Inventory System: Collect, buy, or craft items to customize your appearance and consume potions and food for added benefits.

- Dungeon Exploration: Explore dungeons, solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and complete unique quests within the dungeons using WASD or Arrow Key movement.

Outland Wanderer

What's the Game's Focus?

-Mature Content Artwork

Outland Wanderer aims to present a variety of mature content artwork in different situations, including the aftermath of battles and character development. Scenes with more niche themes will be accompanied by a warning.

-Task Journal

Featuring a branching storyline where every choice and quest undertaken will have significant repercussions in the future. Characters will assign quests of diverse content and significance.

-Role-Playing Battle Mechanism

A classic RPG battle system encompassing the five primary stats (STR, INT, TEN, CHA, AGI), enabling turn-based combat against various adversaries that necessitates the use of different strategies and abilities. Beware, as some enemies may take an interest in you after battle...


A fundamental inventory system for collecting, purchasing, or crafting items from scratch, along with customizable equipment to tailor your appearance. Additionally, the consumption of potions and food is integrated.

-Excursions into Dungeons

Embark on dungeon exploration across the map, solving a range of puzzles, defeating diverse monsters, and fulfilling exclusive quests within each dungeon! Navigate through dungeons using WASD or Arrow Key movements, or opt for on-screen controls.

Outland Wanderer

Update Notes:

1. New Content:

- Embark on a quest assigned by Hezzong, the elder of the Puro tribe, to watch over the night and search for your lost friend, Chime.

- Meet Hezzong, the venerable leader known as the "Allfather" in your tribe, a gentle old dragon who seems to favor you.

- Encounter a mysterious stranger.

2. Explore new dungeons:

- Puro Watch Tower: A brief tutorial section for novice dungeon explorers.

- Puro Forest: A lengthy journey filled with sprites, puzzles, and unexpected encounters.

3. Face new adversaries:

- Spritelings: Small, bothersome ethereal beings unlikely to challenge the vigilant night watcher.

- Spritebinder: An amalgamation of eight hands acting as one entity, whose penchant for grasping and holding onto things poses a challenge for summoners.

4. New and Enhanced CG Scenes:

- Experience "Losing to Spritebinder," a clandestine encounter that unlocks under specific conditions.

- Choose to teach a bandit a lesson after defeating them outside their hideout.

- Encounter an updated scene upon defeating a werewolf.

5. Quality of Life Improvements and Other Updates:

- Introducing a new dungeon mechanic: Take/Drop, enabling players to interact with objects by pressing E or the hand button, facilitating puzzle-solving and uncovering surprises. Damp Cave's mechanics have been updated accordingly.

- Discover three new spell books: Immolation and Spectral Orbs, available for purchase from Gwyddyon (Goat Tribe)'s Shop, and Sundering Surge, obtainable by defeating a purple foe.

- Extended the voting time duration for Lusterfield to 7 days.

- Rectified battle errors occurring in the Damp Cave.

- Updated various dialogues to align with the introductory segment.

- Made minor adjustments to the Dungeon and Location system, potentially resolving underlying issues.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Mokken with the Outland Wanderer App. Embark on a thrilling journey filled with engaging storylines, NSFW CG scenes, and branching choices that shape your destiny. Engage in strategic turn-based battles, customize your appearance with a basic inventory system, and explore challenging dungeons. Download now to experience the excitement and adventure that awaits you in this captivating game. Don't miss out on the opportunity to support and rate the game to show your love!


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