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Guess Horror Movie Character

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Package ID:com.joblesslady.guesshorrormoviecharacter

Developer:RhinoX Developers

  • Introduction

Are you a horror movie fanatic? Test your knowledge and challenge yourself with the "Guess Horror Movie Character" app! This exciting game will make you guess the names of famous horror movie characters, from classics like "Dracula" and "Frankenstein" to more recent films like "The Conjuring" and "Hereditary." Use your skills to answer each question by selecting letters from a given alphabet. Can't figure it out? No problem! Use coins to reveal a letter, remove an incorrect one, or even skip the question altogether. Earn coins for each correct answer and use them to unlock new themes, level packs, and even compete with others in online battles. You can also complete missions, daily challenges, and events to earn more coins and climb up the leaderboard. Turn on or off the app's sound to customize your gaming experience. Plus, you have the option to purchase no ads for a lifetime. So why wait? Download "Guess The Horror Movie Character Quiz" now and let the frightful fun begin!

Features of Guess Horror Movie Character:

⭐️ Guess famous horror movie characters: The app challenges players to identify well-known characters from horror movies, both classic and recent.

⭐️ Help and Skips: If you're stuck on a tough question, you can use coins to reveal a letter, remove an incorrect letter, or skip the question altogether.

⭐️ Collect rewards: For every correct answer, you earn coins that can be used to unlock hints, skips, and other options.

⭐️ Control sound: You have the option to turn the app sound on or off, so you can play in silence or with your own background music.

⭐️ Complete missions, challenges, and events: The game offers various missions, challenges, and events that you can complete to earn more coins.

⭐️ Choose themes and unlock level packs: Using coins, you can customize the app with different themes and unlock new levels as you progress.


Download the "Guess The Horror Movie Character Quiz" app now and start testing your knowledge of famous horror movie characters. With features like help and skips, rewards, themed customization, and exciting online battles, this app offers endless entertainment and opportunities to earn coins. Challenge yourself, compete with others, and have fun in this thrilling quiz game!


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