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  • Introduction

Monster Draft is an exciting team-building game that brings famous monsters to life in a 3D world. Your task is to choose the strongest monster card and add it to your team. But the fun doesn't stop there—merge and upgrade your monsters to make them even more powerful! Keep an eye out for the game-changing Golden Characters that can give you the edge in battles. Swipe and strategize as you build your ultimate monster team, strategically placing them to defeat enemy teams. Explore different levels, collect more monsters, skins, and scenes, and prepare for epic monster battles in this hypercasual game. Can you become the ultimate Merge Master and conquer the monster arena?

Features of Monster Draft:

⭐️ Team-building game with famous monsters: This app allows users to build their own team of famous monsters, giving them a unique and exciting experience.

⭐️ Merge and upgrade monsters: Users can merge and upgrade their monsters, making them even stronger and more powerful. This adds a strategic element to the game, as users must carefully choose which monsters to merge to create the best team.

⭐️ Golden Characters: Golden Characters are game-changers that users can acquire, adding an extra level of excitement and challenge to the gameplay.

⭐️ Full team-building experience: The app offers a full team-building experience, allowing users to create their own strategy and choose their favorite characters to build their ideal team.

⭐️ Swipe to choose cards: Users can easily swipe to choose cards, making the game intuitive and user-friendly.

⭐️ Varied content and environments: The app offers a wide range of content, including more monsters, skins, scenes, and environments. This keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging, motivating users to continue playing and discovering new elements.


Monster Draft is a captivating team-building game that allows users to create their own team of famous monsters. With the ability to merge and upgrade monsters, as well as the inclusion of golden characters, users can strategically build a strong team to defeat their enemies. The intuitive swipe feature and the diverse range of content and environments make this app both easy to use and exciting to play. Download Monster Draft now and unleash the power of the best monsters!


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  • This is worst game ever because he is a offline game but some levels he said to use online and popup app in every level
    2024-06-25 13:11:21
  • the game is so good,fun and jolly
    2024-06-24 18:45:58
  • It is really really cool because when you get the same character you get a gold character!!!!
    2024-06-24 12:45:44
  • the games fun and mobile games are perfect for youtube kids and this game is for boys am a girl and this game has to much ads and thats why i gave it a 3 star kk thats it bye
    2024-06-24 10:03:53
  • because it fun in the best game ever made 5 stars
    2024-06-24 06:12:58
  • This is very good and nice game and that seen is full realty this is enjoy full but that had 1000 add so please
    2024-06-23 12:58:39