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  • Introduction

Welcome to Africa Empire, where you can rise as the continent's greatest leader! Select from 54 countries and challenge intelligent AI adversaries. With your strategic prowess, lead your nation to triumph in the tumultuous year of 2027, following a massive uprising. Your objective: ascend to supreme leadership through diplomacy and military might, constructing a robust economic and military empire. Navigate global diplomacy and UN dynamics, procure arms from nations like the USA, France, UK, Russia, and China. Monitor world news for updates on economy, relations, spies, and conflicts. With a vast arsenal including mercenaries, tanks, and aircraft carriers, utilize your spy center and war room to stay ahead. Engage up to 8 players in multiplayer mode, managing countries and exchanging messages. Take charge, Commander, and achieve greatness in Africa Empire!

Features of Africa Empire:

> Choose from 54 available countries to lead in the game.

> Engage in strategic battles against smart AI enemies.

> Utilize excellent leadership skills, strategy, and tactics to lead your country to victory.

> Experience a thrilling storyline set in the year 2027 following a major uprising.

> Build your empire through diplomacy, warfare, and economic superiority.

> Interact with a wide range of features including diplomacy, spy centers, war rooms, and world news.


With features such as spy centers, war rooms, and world news, you'll be fully immersed in the game's realistic world. Whether you're a fan of diplomacy or prefer intense battles, this game will cater to your preferences. Additionally, the multiplayer option allows you to challenge friends and family in hotseat mode directly from your device. Are you ready for the challenge, Commander? Download Africa Empire now and lead your country to victory. Good luck!


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  • It would be a 5 but i looked for sandbox mode and cant find it
    2024-06-26 23:54:43
  • A fine game is had here. But I wish there is a mode that let your nation go Berserk.
    2024-06-25 17:35:31
  • This is a awesome game and idea on how to handle real world issues
    2024-06-25 17:13:01
  • Best strategic game another outstanding game launch by Ignidies comp. big supporter and big fan
    2024-06-24 23:21:29
  • Hello are you making the world empire? If yes when you add this game in play store? Tanks a lot
    2024-06-24 04:12:55
  • Best ever Just you need to add one thing , Is counties instead of offering ceasefire let them surrender will be
    2024-06-24 01:12:00