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Collage Maker - inCollage APK

Collage Maker - inCollage

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Package ID:photocollage.photoeditor.collagemaker

  • Introduction

Create stunning photo collages with ease using Collage Maker - inCollage. This user-friendly app allows you to combine multiple images into one beautiful collage. Simply select the photos you want to include and let the app create a frame that perfectly fits your desired layout. Customize each image by adjusting its size, applying filters, and adding retouches. Take your collage to the next level by customizing the frame with a wide range of colors, textures, and even text or emojis. In just minutes, you can create and share your masterpiece on any social network. Get creative and start making unforgettable collages with Collage Maker - inCollage now!

Features of Collage Maker - inCollage:

⭐️ Create photo collages: With this app, users can easily combine multiple images from their device into one collage. It provides a convenient way to showcase a collection of photos.

⭐️ Stylish effects and filters: Users can enhance their collages by applying different styles and effects to the images within the collage itself. This feature adds creativity and visual appeal to the final result.

⭐️ Simple to use: The app's interface is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use. Users just need to select the photos they want to include, and the app takes care of creating a frame that fits the selected number of pics.

⭐️ Individual image customization: Users can modify the size of each image within the collage individually. This allows for a personalized touch and better arrangement of the photos.

⭐️ Frame customization: The app offers a wide range of colors and textures to customize the frame of the collage. Users can give a unique look to their collages by choosing from the available options.

⭐️ Text and emoji addition: To further personalize the collages, users can add text or emojis. This feature allows for creating collages with messages or captions, making them more engaging and meaningful.


Collage Maker - inCollage is a fantastic app that simplifies the process of creating photo collages. It provides users with a variety of features to enhance their collages, such as stylish effects, individual image customization, and frame customization. The app's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users of all levels of expertise. With the ability to quickly finish projects and share them on social networks, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to create visually appealing collages.


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