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MyMood AI: AI Photo Generator

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Package ID:app.mymoodai

Developer:AI Thumbnail Maker

  • Introduction

Discover the incredible capabilities of MyMood AI, an innovative AI photo generator app that is about to revolutionize your selfie game. With this all-in-one tool, you can effortlessly transform your selfies into stunning photorealistic avatars. My Mood Ai combines the power of a professional photographer, AI art generator, avatar maker, and AI photo editor, all conveniently packed in your pocket. Choose from over 1,000 styles, ranging from "Billionaire" to "Spa Day," and elevate your selfies with tap-ready AI face filters. Unlock unparalleled realism with AI-driven avatars and explore new styles daily. With features like face app, face tune, faceapp, cartoon yourself, and face swap, MyMood AI caters to all your creative needs. Step up your social media game and let your avatars and photos speak volumes. Download My Mood Ai now and watch your content soar to new heights!

Features of MyMood AI: AI Photo Generator:

* AI Photo Generator: The app utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to generate photorealistic avatars from your selfies.

* Versatile Editor: It functions as an enhancer, editor, and picture generator, allowing you to enhance and transform your photos effortlessly.

* Extensive Style Options: Choose from over 1,000 styles, ranging from "Billionaire" to "Spa Day," to create unique avatars that suit your mood.

* AI Face Filters: Elevate your selfies with a variety of tap-ready AI face filters, ensuring stunning and professional-looking photos.

* Realistic Avatars: The app generates avatars with unparalleled realism, and new styles are added daily to keep your creativity flowing.

* Additional Creative Features: In addition to avatars and photo editing, the app offers features like face app, face tune, faceapp, cartoon yourself, and face swap to cater to all your creative needs.


With MyMood AI, you have a powerful tool in your pocket that can upgrade your social media content. From creating lifelike avatars to enhancing your photos and exploring AI art, this app has it all. It is user-friendly and offers a wide range of features that can easily transform your selfies into stunning works of art. Don't miss out on the opportunity to express yourself creatively and share your avatars and photos with the world. Download MyMood AI now and let your images speak volumes!


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  • Costly...and after paying, you can't even move forward and haven't seen any of my photos converted to the styles they have given as an option. SCAM. CLICKBAIT. NO REFUND. BEWARE. Already uninstalled.
    2024-05-28 17:34:57
  • overall pretty good. the more pics you do after the first set,the better they get. hands are an issue though when fingers are shown spread out. also saw an arm with two elbows or a really nasty compound fracture
    2024-05-26 23:15:57
  • SCAM APP - No Free Trial and must pay. It forces you to upload 15 photos (you cannot proceed). Then you must choose 10 styles before proceeding, then it forces you to pay 13.99 or leave a feedback to the developers, not here on the appstore. You cannot go back to delete your photos!! They keep your photos and do not let you delete them should you choose not to pay and to uninstall!! I would not recommend!
    2024-05-26 22:01:46
  • You can't charge without offering a free sample atleast. You show 2 samples atleast and lock the others. if someone can see only 2 examples, even if they can't be saved, if they are good its easier to pay
    2024-05-26 18:24:43
  • I paid for the subscription and the 100 photos, but after uploading all my pictures it kept getting stuck on the same screen and I couldn't move forward, so was never able to see any avatars. I uninstalled it and reinstalled twice and it did the same thing. Utterly useless. Now I have to get my money back
    2024-05-26 14:12:00
  • I'm stuck in a loop where it constantly runs me through the introductions to each function. I did manage to get some images which seemed to have potential but if I can't work the app because it's constantly looping through the explanations of each option, it's a total waste of money and time.
    2024-05-25 15:13:58