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CasinoRPG: Casino Tycoon Games APK

CasinoRPG: Casino Tycoon Games

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Package ID:com.goldfirestudios.casinorpg

Developer:GoldFire Studios

  • Introduction

Welcome to CasinoRPG, the ultimate Vegas-themed MMORPG virtual world! Play your favorite casino games like slots, poker, blackjack, bingo, roulette, and more as you rise from janitor to casino tycoon. Use your gambling winnings to buy plots of land and design and build your very own casinos in the city. Join forces with friends for a night on the town or compete in casino battles and wars. With exciting multiplayer features, realistic casino experiences, and endless opportunities for city building, CasinoRPG is not your typical casino or tycoon game. Download now and start building your casino empire!

Features of the App:

- Wide Variety of Casino Games: Play all your favorite casino games including slots, poker, blackjack, bingo, roulette, solitaire, video poker, and more. There are also a variety of lottery and scratcher games available.

- Online Multiplayer: Enjoy exciting online multiplayer features that you won't find anywhere else. Play with friends or join a party for a night on the town. Participate in live chat, poker and slot tournaments, and even casino battles and wars.

- Management Tycoon Game: In this game, each casino in the Vegas-style city is owned and managed by other players. Use your gambling winnings to buy your own plots of land and design and build your very own casinos anywhere in the city. Select from thousands of decorative items, floor tiles, wallpapers, and more.

- City Building: The game is set in a persistent open world that resembles a Vegas-style city. Participate in the first massively multiplayer city building game, where everyone takes part in building the landscape of this virtual world.

- Role Playing: Start as a janitor in one of the casinos and work your way up to becoming a casino tycoon. Follow the story of characters like the Mayor, Detective Watts, and the Vegas crime boss. Complete missions and make strategic decisions to manage your casino empire.

- Massively Multiplayer: Play in real-time with players from all over the world. Interact with others, reshape the virtual history of the city, and experience unique social interactions by teaming up with others in crews.


Experience the thrill of Las Vegas in this immersive MMORPG virtual world. With a wide variety of casino games, online multiplayer features, and the ability to build and manage your own casinos, this app offers a unique and engaging gaming experience. Join players from all over the world in shaping the city and rise from a janitor to a casino tycoon. Download now and start building your casino empire today!


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  • Dont bother
    2024-05-20 13:42:37
  • Great game and great community <3
    2024-05-19 22:52:03
  • Addicting and a new twist to a casino game
    2024-05-19 13:27:33
  • Awesome
    2024-05-19 07:53:57
  • Love it
    2024-05-17 23:14:01
  • These admins take your casinos off you if you do not play after 6 months.. And stole billions from me and then sold it back to admins for cheap.. months and months of playing and they just steal it... don't download it's a scam and disgraceful they get away with doing this... nothing to help.. loads of collectables stolen.. And casinos I spent building up all taken away and nothing said or done about it
    2024-05-17 12:09:11