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  • Introduction

Step into a world where science and fantasy collide in Chromo XY. Your colleague, Rebecca, is known for her outrageous experiments and this time, she's created a drug that will transform you into a woman. As you navigate through this unexpected journey, you'll not only experience life from a different perspective but also face the challenges of being a woman.Luckily, your best friend Greg is there to support you, along with Rebecca, who might have ulterior motives in studying your transformation. Will you find a cure together or will the lines between friendship and scientific curiosity blur?Embark on an adventure filled with humor, discovery, and a touch of romance as you explore the intricacies of gender and identity. Will you embrace your new form and everything it entails or will you yearn for your old life? The choices are yours to make in Chromo XY.

Features of Chromo XY:

Role reversal: The app allows you to experience a role reversal by transforming you into a woman, giving you a unique and exciting perspective.

Engaging storyline: The game revolves around the quest for a cure, where you team up with your best friend Greg and Rebecca to find a solution, adding depth and intrigue to the gameplay.

Challenging choices: Along the way, you will face difficult choices, testing your decision-making skills as you navigate through the challenges of this unexpected transformation.

Supportive characters: Your best friend Greg and Rebecca will be there to support you throughout the journey, providing assistance and guidance.

Interactive gameplay: As you play, you will actively engage with the storyline, making choices, and finding clues, further immersing yourself into the game.

Unveiling secrets: The game hints at unexplored mysteries, leaving you curious to discover the hidden truth behind Rebecca's experiments.


Chromo XY offers an intriguing and engaging gaming experience where you step into the shoes of a character who undergoes an unexpected transformation. With a captivating storyline, challenging choices, and supportive characters, this app provides an immersive and interactive gameplay that will keep you entertained from start to finish. Download now to embark on this unique adventure and uncover the secrets that lie within!


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