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Athletics Mania: Track & Field APK

Athletics Mania: Track & Field

Rating: 4.2







Package ID:com.powerplaymanager.athleticsmaniagames

  • Introduction

Are you ready to unleash your inner athlete and compete in the ultimate track and field events? Look no further than Athletics Mania: Track & Field, an action-packed sports game that combines RPG, simulation, and managerial elements. In this game, you have the power to control, train, and improve your athlete as you see fit. Whether you want to dominate in running, jumping, throwing, or even pentathlon, heptathlon, or decathlon, this app has it all. Participate in tournaments, defeat opponents from around the world, and strive to be at the top of the leaderboards. With both singleplayer and multiplayer options, you can challenge your friends and teammates to epic competitions. So gear up, step onto the track, and show the world what you're made of in Athletics Mania: Track & Field.

Features of Athletics Mania: Track & Field:

❤️ Wide Range of Track and Field Events: With Athletics Mania, you can participate in various track and field events including running, jumping, throwing, and more. There's something for everyone to enjoy.

❤️ Train and Improve Your Skills: This app allows you to train and improve your athlete's skills. Take control of their development and see them progress from a novice to a top-level competitor.

❤️ Realistic and Exciting Gameplay: Experience the thrill of competing against real players from all over the world. Show your talent and compete against famous athletes in the biggest stadiums.

❤️ RPG Elements and Career Mode: Dive into the immersive RPG elements of Athletics Mania. Take on a career mode with a captivating story, make decisions that shape your athlete's journey, and rise through the ranks.

❤️ Multiplayer and Clubs: Play either singleplayer or multiplayer mode, and compete with your friends and team members. Build your own club, challenge real players, and participate in club competitions.

❤️ Diverse Mini-Games: The app offers a variety of mini-games that test your skills and provide a fun and challenging experience. Show your versatility and compete in different disciplines within the game.


Athletics Mania offers an exciting and immersive sports gaming experience. With its wide range of track and field events, realistic gameplay, RPG elements, multiplayer mode, and diverse mini-games, this app caters to all sports enthusiasts. Train, compete, and strive for greatness as you climb the leaderboards and win gold medals in the world's biggest stadiums. Download Athletics Mania now and embark on your journey to become a track and field champion.


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  • Poorly developed and doesn't work the way it should. Its all about how much money you spend to how well you can do within the game. Was offered free gems for linking email which was never received, offered free gems for activation of email which was also never received, offered free credits through a "sponsorship" through email which was, again, never received. I have since uninstalled the game as I'm not interested in a "pay to win" game. Shame, I love athletic games but this has failed!!!!!!!!
    2024-06-24 13:12:38
  • It's a wonderful game .. but I wanted more commentary during games . Also in many field events only 3 attempts are given . I would recommend to make it 12 player with 6 attempts . It gets more competitive in that case . Thanks
    2024-06-24 02:25:59
  • The games not too bad, the problem is that i worked hard for weeks to reach level 100, i tried to upgrade, but never waited the time for extra upgrades, i tried equipments and does almost nothing! Still cannot even break 11 seconds in 100 meters! The Speed Stats are not that good! Don't waste your time playing...
    2024-06-22 16:22:24
  • The controls are not good.... A few taps and the meter goes over the red... You stop tapping then it goes below half of the meter... Then one tap sends it over again... Then the button to start running is the same button you need to keep on tapping to run... It would have been better if it was a different button
    2024-06-22 14:44:29
  • The developers respond fast to emails but without any substance. Complete BS. Fun game overall but full of bugs. The energy and start refills are unusable whether free or purchased. Developers say to use web page instead of app but still doesn't fix the issue. Follow up: I have contacted the developers multiple times, still no resolution. This is one of the standard responses with no actual actions to fix the problem. Uninstalling immediately!
    2024-06-22 11:26:05
  • Pretty decent game.It is the best Track&Field game available for mobile. Some suggestions: •Add more avatars. Only 5 is really limiting. •Uniforms (Kits) are way too expensive. $12-$17 is outrageous to pay. •Country uniforms should be included free. •Make more events available from the beginning •Add variety to the opponents. I feel like I race against the same people, just with different names. •Make opponent wear their country's uniform like in real life.
    2024-06-22 03:45:07