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Horse Flying Simulator 3D 2022 APK

Horse Flying Simulator 3D 2022

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Package ID:com.LimitlessGames.HorseFlyingSimulator

  • Introduction

Welcome to Horse Flying Simulator 3D 2022, an exciting adventure game that will take you to the fantasy fire islands. In this thrilling horse derby challenge, you must navigate through checkpoints and conquer each stage with your flying horse. This Wild West fantasy game is perfect for kids and girls, offering stunning graphics and endless entertainment. Jump over deadly objects and avoid threats to become the best wild west fantasy cowboy horse rider in the entire west. Learn new abilities and complete quests to win amazing prizes in the horse vet. With 15 challenging levels, your goal is to collect checkpoints and stars while racing against the clock. Can you unlock all the levels and become the ultimate horse flying champion? Immerse yourself in the realistic graphics, enjoy the beautiful horse simulation, and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience. With amazing sounds and graphics, the game will keep you hooked for hours of thrilling entertainment.

Features of Horse Flying Simulator 3D 2022:

❤️ Horse Flying Simulator 2021 offers a new adventure in fantasy fire islands, catering to the thrill-seekers and fans of unicorn games.

❤️ This horse derby game challenges players to collect all check points and clear stages with a flying horse, providing an exciting and unique gameplay experience.

❤️ Designed for both kids and girls, Wild West Fantasy Horse Games offer stunning graphics, making it visually appealing and attractive to players of all ages.

❤️ The app provides an immersive dark survival experience, allowing users to navigate through various obstacles and threats, adding an element of excitement and strategy.

❤️ Players can unleash their inner cowboy fantasy by participating in horse jumping games and mastering new abilities, striving to become the best cowboys in the Wild West.

❤️ With 15 levels to conquer, players must collect checkpoints and stars, hidden in special places, while racing against the clock to avoid failure and unlock new levels.


Horse Flying Simulator 3D 2022 is a captivating and visually stunning app that offers a thrilling adventure in the fantasy world of fire islands. With its challenging gameplay, realistic graphics, and immersive sounds, it promises an enjoyable experience for users of all ages. Download now to embark on an extraordinary journey with your flying horse and become the ultimate cowboy in the Wild West.


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  • this game glitches more than venelope in wreck it Ralph
    2024-06-27 05:43:59
  • this is super cool and fun
    2024-06-25 13:02:37
  • It's good
    2024-06-25 10:31:55
  • I wont let me move
    2024-06-24 22:26:41
  • Best Horse flying game on store.
    2024-06-24 12:43:25
  • It's good keep it up
    2024-06-24 04:19:13