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  • Introduction

Introducing Clever Kids U: I Can Read, an innovative bilingual app that guides children in mastering English while incorporating Spanish support. This app introduces foundational reading skills through structured weekly units. Ensure you have a login or Super Secret Code to access award-winning content, recognized by esteemed organizations like the Association of American Publishers and National Parenting Publications. Engage in interactive phonics activities, explore leveled readers, and foster writing skills essential for literacy. Dive into STEM books for expanded knowledge and vocabulary. Best of all, enjoy offline learning without needing an internet connection. Download now to support your child's educational journey with rewards like certificates, coins, and stars.

Features of Clever Kids U: I Can Read:

❤️ Bilingual Instruction: The app teaches children to read and write in English with Spanish support, making it suitable for bilingual learners.

❤️ Systematic Instruction: The app provides easy weekly units that systematically build a strong foundation for reading success.

❤️ Memorable Phonics: Mega Mouth Decoder books and songs introduce fun and memorable characters to help children hear and pronounce the 44 sounds in the English language.

❤️ Decodable Leveled Readers: Children can immediately apply their new phonics skills by reading books about a character named Sam and his friends.

❤️ Balanced Literacy: The app emphasizes writing alongside reading, allowing children to make pictures and write about the books they are reading. They can even create and publish their own variations of books.

❤️ STEM Integration: High-interest STEM books are presented each week to build background knowledge, comprehension, and vocabulary in addition to phonics instruction.


Clever Kids U: I Can Read is an award-winning app that provides bilingual instruction, systematic learning units, and memorable phonics instruction to help children develop strong reading and writing skills in English. The app also encourages balanced literacy by emphasizing writing, offers high-interest STEM books, and allows offline access for continuous learning. Start your child's reading journey and download the app today!


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  • Awesome content for the kids! Really makes learning fun and easy.
    2024-06-25 01:43:52
  • My son's teacher gave him a clever badge, but the app doesn't have the options to allow it to have camera access. I go to the app list, and it only shows microphone and phone on the permissions list.
    2024-06-24 11:15:00
  • I use this app with my little brother. He loves it! He feels very smart because the app plays music when they win a game and he gets to pick a sticker. I've noticed that he is learning to read and know his ABC's. Super cute app for little kids.
    2024-06-23 08:10:28
  • I was given a badge id but there is no option to enable the camera to scan barcode.
    2024-06-21 12:09:51