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  • Introduction

Welcome to PINK FROGS : Idle(AFK) Defence, the ultimate monster-fighting agency! In this app, you can build your very own team of beautiful girls and take on powerful monsters. Each character in your crew has their own unique story and profession, making for a diverse and captivating gameplay experience. With awesome skills and colorful effects, battling monsters has never been so exciting. But that's not all - this app also features an idle defense mode, where your team grows stronger even when you're not playing. Earn rewards and clear higher stages to unlock even more thrilling content. Utilize the unique combat system that uses dice, triggering powerful skill attacks. And don't forget about the diverse content, including shooting range challenges, mother cube attacks, and epic boss battles. With daily events offering exciting benefits and rewards, you won't want to miss out. Log in now and claim your rewards!

Features of PINK FROGS : Idle(AFK) Defence:

* Charming Characters: Create your own team of beautiful and captivating girls with unique stories and professions.

* Powerful Deck Building: Build a strong deck by selecting the most attractive crew members for your team.

* Awesome Skills and Colorful Effects: Experience exciting battles with stunning skills and vibrant visuals.

* Idle Defense: Protect human peace by leaving the game on, allowing your defense to grow stronger over time.

* Unique Combat/Development System: Utilize the dice mechanics to trigger powerful skill attacks and develop your characters.

* Diverse Content: Enjoy various gameplay modes such as Shooting Range, Mother Cube, and intense Boss battles.


Embark on an epic adventure with PINK FROGS : Idle(AFK) Defence, the monster-fighting agency! Create your own team of charming girls, each with their own compelling story and profession. Unleash awesome skills and witness colorful effects as you defend humanity in the thrilling Idle Defense mode. Utilize a unique combat system that combines dice mechanics and score points to unleash powerful attacks. With diverse content including shooting ranges, Mother Cube challenges, and epic boss battles, there's always something exciting to do. Don't miss out on daily events and rewards, log in now to claim them and download the app for endless fun!


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