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  • Introduction

In a world on the brink of collapse, the Nuclear War 2 app thrusts you into the role of a powerful leader tasked with saving your country and preventing the end of civilization. As the imminent war looms, you must gather resources, build armies, and discover new units to defend your nation. The key to victory lies in strategically utilizing nuclear weapons for devastating blows to your foes, but be cautious as these weapons are expendable and uranium resources are scarce. Compete for honors in various competitions, engage in endless battles, and benefit from national monuments to establish yourself as the mightiest country in the world. Get ready to lead your nation to victory and restore hope in humanity!

Features of Nuclear War 2:

- Competitions for Honors: Engage in different competitions to earn prestigious trophies and climb the ranks in guild and individual rankings. Showcase your strategic skills and prove yourself as a powerful leader.

- Endless Battles: Experience thrilling battles in various modes such as World Boss, Team Battle, and Guild Battle. Engage in intense combat and lead your armies to victory against formidable opponents.

- Great Benefits from National Monuments: Gain valuable advantages and rewards by utilizing national monuments strategically. Unleash their power to strengthen your nation and gain an upper hand in the war.

- A to Z of Nuclear Weapons: Dive into the realm of nuclear warfare, where you can build and unleash a wide range of devastating nuclear weapons. Expand your arsenal and strategically use your limited uranium resources to maximize the damage to your enemies.

- Time of Info-war: Become a master spy and scout to gather crucial intelligence about your opponents. Unleash the power of information and gain a tactical advantage in the war.

- Nuclear Arena (Coming soon): Get ready for an upcoming feature that will take the nuclear warfare to the next level. Play in the Nuclear Arena and showcase your skills against formidable opponents for ultimate glory.


In the face of imminent nuclear war, Nuclear War 2 app provides an immersive experience that challenges you to save your country and its people. With intense battles, strategic decision-making, and the power of nuclear weapons at your disposal, you can become the mightiest leader in the world. Compete for honors, unleash devastating weapons, and utilize national monuments for great benefits. Expand your knowledge and influence through info-war and prepare for the upcoming Nuclear Arena. Will you be able to prevent the end of civilization and lead your nation to victory? Download now to find out.


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  • Nice graphics with ease of use. However this game would've been better if the player could view the actual battles. Perhaps more rewards bonuses could be incorporated
    2024-06-26 13:13:47
  • It is the best game ever seen, but some problem in store
    2024-06-26 03:49:57
  • Over all a good game. I did catch a bug where it didn't give me my two skill points after finishing Syria rank two.
    2024-06-25 04:49:54
  • Tapjoy
    2024-06-24 17:07:31
  • Good
    2024-06-24 07:52:34
  • There is No name of india. India is now a big nuclear power. Japan,South korea and germany have not much nuclear Straight.Worst game.I tell all Indian player don't play this game.
    2024-06-23 09:47:29