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  • Introduction

In the captivating game of Hexapolis, players are transported back in time to experience historical events firsthand. As tribal and national leaders, players have the power to shape the destiny of their civilization. With complete control over management and direction, players must strategize and make crucial decisions to create a mighty empire and a prosperous civilization. The game offers tactical turn-based gameplay that is both easy to grasp and challenging. Players must also focus on building a highly effective military force to ensure the safety and defense of their empire. Territory expansion, resource management, and engaging in intense battles are all key elements that make Hexapolis a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. Rise up as a strong leader and prove your worth in this epic journey through history.

Features of Hexapolis:

❤️ Witness Historical Events: Experience historical-style events firsthand and understand the battle for land sovereignty, resource management, and human exploitation.

❤️ Rise to Leadership: Take control of a civilization and rise through the ranks to become a tribal and national leader, with full creative control over its management and direction.

❤️ Strategic Gameplay: Enjoy the tactical turn-based gameplay and use your strategic thinking to overcome challenges and shape the growth of your empire.

❤️ Build a Mighty Empire: Choose an empire to follow and work towards creating the largest and richest empire in the world by exploring, developing, constructing, and mining.

❤️ Powerful Military Force: Lead your team and maintain a strong military force to ensure the safety of your society, with various warriors to choose from and train.

❤️ Expand Territory and Resources: Plan and execute the expansion of your territory to increase your power and influence, utilizing well-trained troops and rich resources.


Step into the world of Hexapolis, where you can witness historical events, rise to leadership, and strategically build a mighty empire. Lead a powerful military force and expand your territory to increase your power and influence. With a captivating gameplay experience and a focus on resource management, Hexapolis offers intense battles and the opportunity to prove yourself as a strong leader. Download now and embark on the journey to create a prosperous civilization and leave your mark in history.


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  • It is good. Turn-based Strategy with some elements of Civ building. Cool enough. Graphics are good.
    2024-06-27 13:16:29
  • Good, solid gameplay. Developers helped me rebuild my account after it was lost or corrupted. Lots of ads, but only a few are mandatory. At a certain point in building up your characters you've got to start watching more or upgrades will take months.
    2024-06-26 17:53:45
  • one reason why I like this game a lot is because it's not required for you to watch ads like every 5 minutes and it's just a chill game that I enjoy playing.
    2024-06-25 20:33:41
  • Loading issue was corrected quickly, and they let me know on this review and I was able to reclaim all my progress. Restored to 5 stars. Thanks!
    2024-06-25 12:39:14
  • good game so far, not overloaded with constant ads which is a huge plus in my opinion. Worth a try for anyone looking for a decent mobile strategy game.
    2024-06-25 03:48:43
  • fun times, the hard missions can quickly ramp up above your rate of growth but missions and norm mode offer constant fun
    2024-06-24 17:22:52