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  • Introduction

Get ready to embark on a captivating adventure through the enchanting world of Saitama RPG Localdia Chronicle! In this 2D exploration RPG, you'll explore a stunning world inspired by the Saitama prefecture in Japan. Leave behind gachas, social functions, and online game features as you dive into a unique gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the rich history and tourism resources of these cities as you uncover fascinating stories, interact with locals, and discover the hidden gems of the region. With a simple and intuitive gameplay mechanics, a captivating storyline, and the opportunity to collect powerful items through GPS communication, this app is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Don't miss your chance to deepen your interest and understanding of these incredible cities while enjoying an engaging and immersive RPG experience.

Features of Saitama RPG Localdia Chronicle:

* A 2D exploration type RPG with Saitama prefecture as its motif.

* No gachas, social functions, or online game functions.

* Story with both Saitama and Kawagoe City's facilities, folktales, and industries as motifs.

* Simple and easy-to-understand field with only two arrow keys and two buttons.

* Smooth battle system with a 4 command input formula.

* Abundant conversation event stories.


Explore the reality and fantasy of Saitama and Kawagoe City in this captivating 2D RPG - Saitama RPG Localdia Chronicle! With its unique storyline and simple controls, you'll be immersed in a world full of historical and tourism resources. Engage in thrilling battles and uncover fascinating conversation event stories. Plus, by using the GPS communication feature, you can collect Primrose Flowers and exchange them for powerful items and weapons. Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your interest and understanding of the city. Download now and experience the excitement of this award-winning game!


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  • So i came here looking for answers - about leveling up. Coz, deeeng maan !!! I'm at level 60 and i thought i finished the game but damn Lybuke gets in the way !!! So yeah im level 60 and my sorcerer still have 6 spells he needs to learn. And Loussier still has 3, and Sid still has 1 last spell he needs to learn... So do i have to get up to, like level 100 for them to learn everything ?? And can we beat the game without blessed items ?? Coz i do have em but i cant use em. Got no blessed orbs to bless em. DX do i have to buy ?? Or if i restart do i earn some ?? Coz that's what happened when i restarted - the king of Kita gave me 2 ability rubies, so i was able to buy one ability... Anyways, the game is great !!! I love the art ~ !! Love the story too, though i haven't finished it entirely. Robicas arc was cute and i liked it ~ XD I love Crowley but maaaannn !!! (QAQ) Is he and Crack twins or were you just tired of making a design for him ?? XD coz seriously ... He and Crack ... I bet they have the same v.a. XD and about the controls ... Idk why people are complaining. Or maybe i got the fixed version? But the controls, to me, were fine. Well there are times when you have to press them twice or thrice to make them work but it doesn't happen always. Translations, on the otherhand, could be better. I just try to just get what their point is so i could understand the sentence. But there are things like that one time they said a shrine is located on the east of the castle, but it actually was in the west. D: And the portal thingy to Nishi says Chou instead. Also there's that one city or village that makes the game crash. I thought i was because it's an important place that we cant get in yet but, in those cases, there is actually a dialogue and the character backs out. But that one city just crashes the game. Idk what is up with that , it doesnt do anything harmful though - like losing items - no, but letting you know (??) in case that wasnt supposed to happen. (~_~`) Also, lastly, people from Yono are the best !! XD i love them ~~ XD the mystery that i now need answer to is about Bikuni. XD did she really eat a mermaid ?? LoooL oh and speaking of Bikuni, she's like, a crucial character in the game, so i was thinking it would be nice to see and hear her. And the princess of Iwatsuki too. She's the same kind of "minor but important" character like Crowley, but she doesn't get a design and a voice, while Crowley has a voice. And Bikuni does important things in the game but she doesn't get a voice. D: so giving Crowley a voice ruined the "only main characters get to talk." ...i guess you want to troll us with him, don't you ? XD but Bikuni is quite important though ~
    2024-06-25 20:58:24
  • The controls need to be improved. It feels something wrong
    2024-06-24 21:45:21
  • Great game. Finished already!
    2024-06-24 15:55:07
  • Good game, but the controls need work, the translation could have been done better, and the first city in omiyo is glitched to where the game crashes and warps me to the shrine. Leveling up is really slow which makes the game hard and the inventory system is also very clunky. Also would be nice if there was support for USD payment options, since it really limits the content you can ask and im not sure what the Roses and GPS thing is for, is it only for japan? Other than all that its a good game.
    2024-06-24 02:46:23
  • Luckily i'm not stuck anymore. That passage/portal from nishi to chuo and vice versa is inverted, like, you are in nishi but it says "do you want yo go to Nishi kingdom?" Chou castle is the one without trees around, just walk around the castle and a dialog will appear.
    2024-06-23 14:51:47
  • Game is bugging when you try to enter 1st city in om kingdom game just crashes after u come thru 1st portal
    2024-06-23 06:16:51