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  • Introduction

Welcome to The Longest Game Ever 2, a title that truly reflects its nature. Brace yourself for a daunting challenge that will test your skills and perseverance to the extreme. No player has ever conquered this game, and as an ordinary player, you're unlikely to be the first. Meet 7805j, the world's most advanced AI, determined to thwart your progress at every turn. Encounter difficult NPCs, play half-baked mini-games, and navigate through thousands of challenging levels. Aim for the top of the global and Facebook leaderboards, unlock achievements, and discover hidden secrets. Join our active community on Discord or Reddit to collaborate on solving intricate puzzles. TLGE2 is not your average casual game—it's a mix of trivia, puzzles, and addictive challenges. Prepare for insults from 7805j, yet the competitive thrill will keep you hooked. An internet connection and Google account are required for live features and data security. Ready to dive into this uniquely challenging Swiss-made adventure?

Features of The Longest Game Ever 2:

> Challenging Gameplay: The app offers an incredibly difficult and long gameplay experience, testing your skills and determination.

> Megalomaniac AI: The game is controlled by a sophisticated and arrogant AI character, adding an intriguing dynamic to the gameplay.

> Nasty NPCs: Encounter ruthless non-playable characters who will make your gaming experience more intense and miserable.

> Variety of Mini-games: Enjoy a mix of half-baked mini-games, each presenting unique challenges and featuring poor graphics for added charm.

> Extensive Content: Dive into thousands of levels within the main storyline, ensuring hours of engaging gameplay.

> Social Competitions: Compete with friends on Facebook's leaderboard and ascend to the top of the global leaderboard, maximizing the thrill of the game.


The Longest Game Ever 2 is not your typical casual game. It offers a unique and challenging experience, filled with tough gameplay, an egotistical AI, and merciless NPCs. While it may seem like the worst game ever, its addictiveness and competitive rankings will keep you hooked. Download the app now and join the vibrant player community to unravel the most complex riddles together. Make sure to connect to the internet and sign in through your Google account for live leaderboards, progress storage, and fraud detection. Your privacy is our priority, and only your pseudonym is visible to other players. Experience this unconventional game, created with passion in Lausanne, Switzerland.


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  • I enjoyed the game but I don't think there should be as much clicking/tapping. If anyone out there is looking to waste time, play this. There's endless content, however frustrating.
    2024-06-27 10:38:39
  • Starting this game I felt the levels are going to be repetitive, but as I proceeded with a game I was always bombarded with new content. 10/10 would rate this game to anyone who's right now.
    2024-06-26 08:18:58
  • Not the most fun, it's mainly just characters talking and you clicking buttons but that's kind of the whole point and it manages to be pretty funny and a good time waster.
    2024-06-25 15:54:14
  • I like this game's way of how it does things but i wonder if there is a end to the game and if their is like an anti auto clicker system or ban system and their is room for improvement and that can be very good for the game Edit: I noticed a new promblem reguarding the new surveys they say you got the reward when u never got it tell me if u saw this part.
    2024-06-23 17:02:05
  • This is a very "not fun" game. "Do not" play. In all seriousness it's actually pretty good. But sometimes the game crashes and my phone restarts if I click too fast.
    2024-06-23 14:22:43
  • The things I have to say about this game don't belong here, I am in immense pain, however, I started this and I am going to finish it, even if it takes me a few months... I'm at lvl 500 in a matter of a few hours after starting to play and I don't read vary fast... But I need a break... Thank you for this monstrosity of a game... :V
    2024-06-23 09:09:51