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  • Introduction

Flags on the Globe is a groundbreaking educational app that takes learning about flags and countries to a whole new level. With over 240 flags to memorize, this app offers a variety of engaging ways to test your knowledge. From identifying flags on a 3D globe to challenging quiz levels, there is something for everyone. The most advanced level even lets you choose the flags that fly in space, making it a true test of your expertise. Plus, with the ability to study in multiple languages, you can expand your global knowledge like never before. Whether you're a geography enthusiast or a sports fan, Flags on the Globe is the perfect app for you.

Features of Flags On the Globe:

❤️ Learn flags of countries: The app provides a fun and educational way to learn the flags of over 240 countries.

❤️ 3D globe: Explore the world on a 3D globe and learn the location of each country.

❤️ Capitals of states: In addition to flags, the app also teaches you the capital cities of different countries.

❤️ Multiple learning options: Memorize flags using various methods like quizzes, choosing maximum correct options in a minute, and identifying flying flags in space.

❤️ Flag search and alphabetical order: Easily find specific flags by searching or browsing through the list in alphabetical order.

❤️ Multi-language support: The app is translated into 20 languages, allowing users to study countries in their preferred language.


Flags on the Globe is an engaging and informative app that helps users learn and memorize flags of countries around the world. With its interactive 3D globe, multiple learning options, and support for various languages, this app offers an enjoyable way to expand your knowledge and even determine the national flags of different sports teams. Download now to enhance your flag recognition skills and discover the world!


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