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Zombies: Real Time World War APK

Zombies: Real Time World War

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Package ID:com.ladik.zombie.rts.strategy.world.war

  • Introduction

Welcome to Zombies: Real Time World War! Engage in this gripping real-time strategy game where your mission is to reclaim cities overrun by malevolent zombies. The viral outbreak has spread worldwide, leaving only a handful uninfected. Your task: eradicate zombies, dismantle their cities, and crush their headquarters to save humanity. Prepare for 16 intense battles across Europe and the U.S., including iconic cities like New York, Texas, and California. Defend against relentless zombie assaults using soldiers, tanks, humvees, and rocket tanks strategically deployed on the battlefield. Upgrade your forces wisely with government funds and earnings from zombie kills. Navigate detailed city maps, plan your strategies, and deploy massive units for epic clashes against the undead hordes. Immerse yourself in this thrilling battle for human survival with Zombies: Real Time World War!

Features of Zombies: Real Time World War:

* Free form quest map: Players can choose when and where to fight within a modern framework, giving them control over their gameplay experience.

* Detailed city design: The cities in the game are designed with intricate details, creating a realistic and immersive environment.

* 16 different battles: The game offers a variety of battles, providing players with different challenges and strategies to overcome.

* Mass deployment of units: Players can deploy a large number of units, including tanks, humvees, and rocket tanks, to attack enemy headquarters and defend their own bases.

* Accurate units: The game features over 7 different units that are accurately researched and carefully modeled, ensuring an authentic and realistic experience.

* Infinite equipment combinations: Players have the freedom to experiment and create unique combinations of equipment, allowing for endless possibilities and strategies.


Join the battle against evil zombies in this action-packed real-time strategy game. Customized for mobile devices, the game offers a free form quest map, detailed city design, and a variety of challenging battles. Deploy your army wisely, utilizing tanks, humvees, and rocket tanks to destroy enemy headquarters and save humanity. With accurate units and infinite equipment combinations, the possibilities for victory are endless. Download now and prove your strategic skills in Zombies: Real Time World War.


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  • This is so nice game
    2024-06-26 17:06:22
  • Can't install this game
    2024-06-26 08:18:47
  • That game is very good
    2024-06-25 09:12:53
  • It is very good im giving this four star
    2024-06-24 09:08:37
  • nice and cool game
    2024-06-24 05:41:54
  • Very interesting game
    2024-06-23 12:50:05