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  • Introduction

If you're a fan of the classic game Bomberman, then you're in for a treat with Bomber Friends! This app offers a revamped version of the beloved game, specifically designed for multiplayer matches. Whether you want to battle against random opponents online or challenge your friends through Google Play, the options are endless. The gameplay is straightforward yet addictive: navigate through a maze filled with destructible blocks and strategically place bombs to eliminate your opponents. But be careful, as the blasts can also trap you. The best part? As you win matches, you can personalize your character with cool hats and unique details, setting yourself apart from the competition. Even if you've never played Bomberman before, Bomber Friends is a fantastic opportunity to experience this exciting gameplay and have a blast.

Features of Bomber Friends:

> Multiplayer Matches: Bomber Friends allows you to play against strangers or your friends over the internet.

> Simple Gameplay: Players navigate through a maze, destroy blocks with bombs, and aim to eliminate other players.

> Strategic Bomb Placement: When placing a bomb, players must consider the restriction of not being able to cross it and the trajectory of the shockwave.

> Character Customization: Win matches to unlock hats and other details to create a unique and distinguishable character.

> Familiar Remake: Bomber Friends is a remake of the classic 'Bomberman' game, appealing to fans and those new to the game.

> Highly Entertaining: This game offers an enjoyable experience for players, whether they are fans of 'Bomberman' or discovering it for the first time.


Bomber Friends is an exciting multiplayer game that combines simplicity, strategy, and customization. With its familiar gameplay and the chance to play against friends or strangers, this highly entertaining app is a must-download for both fans of 'Bomberman' and newcomers to the game.


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  • I want to fix bug and daily offered 300 gems to buy item,and wish taunt us offered belongs 300 gems if not the game is boring
    2024-06-27 06:52:03
  • Great Game I Love It I Will Rate this 5 star especially I love the soundtracks
    2024-06-25 16:39:45
  • ugly is a useless game. the weakness of the bombs week cannot be replaced
    2024-06-25 13:09:28
  • Great game. Simple but can keep you entertained for hours. Cheaters will always be a problem. Although the new report function is relatable, cheaters usually play on multiple accounts. Do keep that in mind. Lastly, bugs do not hinder gameplay but make them more difficult. Some of the ones I encounter that are more relevant are: 1. Powerups do not go in the sequence you arranged them in when you enter a match 2. The one whereby the amount of players that you can report becomes so huge such that it stretches out so far, makig it impossible for you to report properly. I'll leave it on the note that I hope changes are made because this is a great game. By the way, please make teaming in rank mode a punishable offense.
    2024-06-25 04:55:19
  • The best game in the playstore..playing from past 5 years.loved the game very much.
    2024-06-24 08:59:48
  • Love BomberMan, Been playing since I was a little kid, Now I get to play on my phone with ppl Across the World BomberFriends...$.
    2024-06-23 18:03:41