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  • Introduction

Welcome to We're Impostors: Kill Together, where you take on the role of an impostor in a fierce battle between Hotboy and Ice Girl. These two characters, representing fire and water, have come together to form an unstoppable force. Explore the environment, engage in combat, and hunt for rewards as you navigate through challenging levels. Join forces with a partner or a group of four to take down enemies and reach your goals safely. Be careful not to let your guard down, as unexpected bosses can appear at any moment. Upgrade your skills, collect coins, and strategize to become the most powerful impostor in the game. Are you ready to face tough challenges and suppress the impostor? Let the battle begin!

Features of We're Impostors: Kill Together:

⭐️ Two-player team mode: Players can form teams of two and work together to take out enemies, adding a new element of teamwork and strategy to the game.

⭐️ Four-player group mode: Users can create groups of four and collaborate to achieve their goals safely, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition.

⭐️ Fast-paced combat: The slashing speed in the game is lightning-fast and decisive, allowing players to knock down opponents immediately and keep the adrenaline pumping.

⭐️ Challenging obstacles: Players will face tough challenges such as bogs, barbed wire fences, and thorny ice traps, adding an element of excitement and skill to overcome them.

⭐️ Dual character control: Users can control two impostors simultaneously, each with their own unique talents and abilities, requiring multitasking and strategic decision-making.

⭐️ Collectible rewards: Players can hunt for scattered coins to earn money, which can be used to upgrade their characters and gain advantages in the game.


Join the exciting world of We're Impostors: Kill Together and experience intense battles, teamwork, and challenging obstacles. Form teams of two or groups of four to maximize your chances of success. Master the art of dual character control and engage in fast-paced combat to defeat enemies. Collect coins to unlock upgrades and enhance your abilities. With its thrilling gameplay and addictive challenges, this app guarantees hours of exhilarating entertainment. Download now and unleash your impostor skills!


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  • Far too many ads really put me off playing
    2024-06-23 17:18:35
  • It's very cool game but level 50 can't play because it coming soon...
    2024-06-23 06:47:50
  • it is so fun
    2024-06-23 02:40:18
  • I love this game because this game have squid soldiers clothes and their weapons and I like to be imposter one things five star for the app
    2024-06-22 21:47:08
  • This game is very cool keep up the hard work and be safe there.
    2024-06-22 18:39:46
  • Good luck for a starter Great
    2024-06-22 12:39:08