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Hero or Villain: Battle Royale APK

Hero or Villain: Battle Royale

Rating: 4.3

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Package ID:org.hostedgames.hovbattleroyale

  • Introduction

"Hero or Villain: Battle Royale" is an exhilarating interactive novel that immerses you in a gladiatorial contest like no other. After being abducted from Earth by the enigmatic Lanista, you find yourself thrust into the Battle of Champions, where heroes and villains clash in a fight for supremacy. As you navigate this alien world, you must make crucial choices that determine your destiny. Will you uphold justice and fight for the greater good, or succumb to the allure of a criminal empire? With dozens of unique powers at your disposal, complex gadgets to build, and relationships to manage, every decision you make shapes the outcome of this epic saga. Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with action, romance, and intrigue, and prove yourself as the ultimate champion of the galaxy. Are you ready to embrace your destiny and decide the fate of the universe? The power is in your hands.

Features of Hero or Villain: Battle Royale:

* Battle other heroes and villains in a gladiatorial contest to become the galaxy's champion.

* Choose from dozens of powers to defeat opponents, such as using fists, hellfire, mind control, super-speed, or teleportation.

* Build and improve your own gadgets, including armor and weapons, to enhance your abilities in battles.

* Learn new alien technology and design complex projects to gain an advantage against enemies.

* Manage relationships with colleagues to either help them succeed or strike them down.

* Play as male, female, or nonbinary and engage in romantic relationships with other characters.


"Hero or Villain: Battle Royale" offers an immersive and thrilling experience where players can engage in intense battles, customize their powers and gadgets, and make choices that shape their character's journey. With multiple game paths, side missions, and endings, this app provides endless possibilities and ensures that there is something for everyone. Whether you want to become the ultimate champion, build a criminal empire, or fight against the rule of the Elders, this interactive novel will keep you engaged and entertained from start to finish. Download now for an unforgettable adventure in the galaxy!


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  • Add more powers for example the power to stop time, summon weapons, etc.
    2024-06-26 02:50:46
  • Absolutely loved the story and the interactions with the other characters, brilliant
    2024-06-24 00:27:33
  • Many disappointments, cant start a rebellion, cant meet aggy before the finals, cant save aggy. Very bad.
    2024-06-23 14:36:26
  • Nice story but I wish there was an ending with Argy alive. I built a relationship with her in the first book, only for her to br forgotten and killed on the second one :/
    2024-06-23 02:34:14
  • I loved it but i bought all previous books And i can not arrange the money to buy this game it'd be much appreciated if you made this free i understand the creators must be payed but It'd be much appreciated
    2024-06-21 20:43:16
  • Alright, it's fun it gives alot of options as far as upgrades, I do want I guess more time to upgrade more lol
    2024-06-21 19:12:00