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  • Introduction

SuperRetro16 is the ultimate Super Nintendo emulator for your Android device, allowing you to relive all the classic games from the iconic 16 bit console. With compatibility for nearly every title in the Super Nintendo catalog, including notoriously tricky games like Mario RPG and StarFox, this emulator stands out as one of the fastest in its class. Enjoy a seamless gameplay experience even on slower Android devices, with an impressive frame rate. The game offers customizable options such as showing or hiding controls, allowing for immersive gameplay. Capture screenshots, enable cheats, or even speed up games with turbo mode, especially useful in RPGs. Compatible with various file formats, SuperRetro16 is your gateway to endless nostalgic gaming fun.

Features of SuperRetro16:

❤️ Enjoy all the classics: The game allows users to enjoy all the classic games from the Super Nintendo console on their Android device.

❤️ Fast and reliable emulator: The game is one of the fastest emulators of its kind, offering a high rate of frames per second even on slower Android devices.

❤️ Easy and customizable gameplay: The app offers various possibilities for gameplay, including showing or hiding the Super Nintendo controls for easier navigation, as well as playing in both horizontal and vertical modes.

❤️ Additional features: The emulator allows users to take screen shots, activate cheats on some games, and even increase the speed of certain games using turbo, making it particularly useful for role-playing games.

❤️ Wide format compatibility: The game supports smc, fig, zip, and 7z formats, ensuring users can load any game in these formats. Additionally, it is compatible with practically any game from the Super Nintendo catalog.

❤️ Convenient and portable gaming: With the app, users can carry their favorite Super Nintendo games with them and enjoy them anytime and anywhere on their Android device.


Offering a wide range of features including fast and reliable gameplay, customizable controls, additional gaming options, and wide format compatibility, this app allows users to experience the magic of classic Super Nintendo games on their Android devices. Download now and relive the nostalgia of the 16-bit era wherever you go.


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