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Scare Scary Bad Teacher

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Package ID:com.woodoogames.scarescaryteacher3d

  • Introduction

In Scare Scary Bad Teacher, you're thrown into a chilling world where you must assist a young boy in escaping his malevolent teacher. From the safety of his home to the ominous confines of his school, each mission presents new challenges and uncovers the true perils that lurk within. With a tap of your fingers, navigate your character through the virtual D-pad and manipulate the camera for a strategic advantage. Be wary of your surroundings and interact with objects wisely to avoid any nasty surprises. Join forces with your classmates in some missions to triumph over this wicked teacher and ensure the boy's survival throughout the school year. Get ready for a thrilling and heart-pounding experience that will test your courage and wit at every turn.

Features of Scare Scary Bad Teacher:

- Third-person horror game:

Scare Scary Bad Teacher is an exciting third-person horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready to face terrifying challenges as you help a young boy escape from his evil teacher.

- Challenging missions and levels:

Complete a series of challenging missions as you progress through different levels of the game. Each mission will bring you closer to discovering the true danger lurking within the mysterious school.

- Engaging storyline:

Experience an immersive storyline that unfolds as you play. From the safety of the boy's house to the sinister corridors of the school, the game takes you on a thrilling adventure filled with suspense and mystery.

- Easy controls:

Navigate through the game with ease using a virtual D-pad on your screen. Control your character's movements and explore the surroundings to uncover hidden clues and objects.

- Interactive gameplay:

Interact with objects and classmates to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles throughout the game. Join forces with your classmates to defeat the evil teacher and survive the school year.

- Exciting surprises:

Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns as you try to outwit and escape from the menacing teacher. Stay alert and keep your senses sharp to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Scare Scary Bad Teacher is a thrilling third-person horror game that offers challenging missions, an engaging storyline, and exciting gameplay. With easy controls and interactive features, this game will keep you entertained and immersed in its spine-chilling world. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you help the young boy navigate through the dangers of the mysterious school and overcome the evil teacher.


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