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  • Introduction

Step into the world of Divine Iron Awakening Netorareasu, where you become the courageous pilot, Wiz. This action-packed app puts you in control as you tackle thrilling missions and face difficult choices. Will you put the fate of the world above your own desires? Will you allow Hikari, your partner, to explore intimate encounters with others, all in the name of saving humanity? The power to decide lies in your hands. Get ready to hop on the incredible awakening robot and embark on a mission to repel the enigmatic machine army. As you navigate this emotional journey, you'll discover that Netrareas thrives on the complex emotions of its pilot, allowing you to unlock its true potential. Brace yourself for an enthralling adventure, where the line between duty and desire blurs, and the fate of the world rests on your choices.

Features of Divine Iron Awakening Netorareasu:

❤️ Unique Gameplay: The app offers a unique gameplay experience where players take on the role of the Netorareas pilot Wiz and engage in various missions.

❤️ Moral Dilemmas: Users are faced with intriguing moral dilemmas, such as whether to allow Hikari to have intimate relationships with others and record videos, all in the pursuit of saving the world.

❤️ Customizable Experience: The app allows players to make choices that shape the outcome of the game, giving them the power to decide the fate of the characters and the world.

❤️ Engaging Storyline: With the mysterious machine army invading humanity, players join Wiz and Hikari in their fight against the invaders, adding a sense of excitement and adventure to the gameplay.

❤️ Complex Emotional Energy: The Netrareas robot in the app becomes stronger based on the pilot's complex emotional energy, adding a unique aspect to the gameplay mechanics.

❤️ Intriguing Proposal: The Professor proposes recording Hikari's cuckolding video in order to evoke strong emotions in Wiz, raising the stakes and adding a compelling twist to the story.


Divine Iron Awakening Netorareasu app offers an exciting and unique gameplay experience where users take on the role of Wiz, a pilot fighting against a mysterious machine army to save the world. With moral dilemmas, customizable choices, and an engaging storyline, players will be hooked on the intriguing gameplay and compelled to download the app.


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