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Real Car Drift & Racing Game APK

Real Car Drift & Racing Game

Rating: 4.3







Package ID:com.clapgames.sahinarabadriftoyunu

  • Introduction

Calling all car game enthusiasts! Get ready to rev your engines because the highly anticipated second version of our Real Car Drift & Racing Game is finally here! With over 50 million downloads, this game has taken the app world by storm. The multiplayer feature allows you to drift alongside your friends in your very own falcon vehicle. Customize every aspect of your car, from the color and wheels to the bumper and exhaust. The realistic graphics and physics engine make you feel like you're actually behind the wheel of a Falcon car. Compete in missions, races, and challenges to earn money and unlock even more modifications for your falcon. Grab your friends and download this addictive hawk game now for the ultimate car game experience.

Features of Real Car Drift & Racing Game:

> Multiplayer feature: Drift with your friends using your falcon vehicle.

> Car customization options: Change the color, wheels, windbreaker, bumpers, mirrors, and more.

> Ultra HD Graphics: Experience realistic and high-quality visuals.

> Various game modes: Explore brand new game modes, including realistic traffic and an open world.

> Play with friends online: Compete with your friends in races and challenges.

> Physics engine: Enjoy a realistic driving experience that simulates how a real Falcon car would react.


Get ready for an exciting and immersive car gaming experience with Real Car Drift & Racing Game! With over 50 million downloads, our highly anticipated second version is now available. Join in on the fun with multiplayer drifting, customize your falcon car with endless options, and enjoy stunning Ultra HD Graphics. Explore different game modes, challenge your driving skills, and compete with your friends. Download now for free and start your journey in the realistic world of falcon car racing!


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  • Yet another stupid driving simulator, city is good, but proportions of the player's car in comparison with citizen cars is too big! And car handling is awful! Also, game optimisation is poor, even on small render distance game lagging, the car is only ONE, but plenty of expensive customisation around, everything is expensive enough to force you watch alot of ads, you can't pay for currency in this game...
    2024-06-22 22:37:32
  • Awesome
    2024-06-22 14:23:24
  • Is a 10
    2024-06-21 02:49:21
  • Most wonderful game ive ever played .it keeps me busy when ever im bored
    2024-06-20 19:18:27
  • I like the games
    2024-06-20 18:18:20
  • It is in Turkish and it is very bad game because the graphics are low
    2024-06-19 23:52:16